Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gross Pancakes

When we have pancakes, our kids like to have "gross pancakes". Honestly, I don't remember how it started. I think it was with Aaron (blame dad, right?). Something about wanting to experience the infamous Bill Cosby "Dad is great!" (relating to breakfast) thing. You all know about my sweet tooth, so I'm sure it's not shocking that when we eat pancakes I often break out the powdered sugar and chocolate chips. Nothing starts the morning like a good sugar buzz!
Well, one morning it evolved from syrup, chocolate chips and powdered sugar, to the addition of a cinnamon/sugar mixture and brown sugar as well. If I remember correctly, I walked in on this and commented that it was gross. And, well, "gross pancakes" were born.
Last night I made pancakes for dinner. I love a good simple default. :) I was also in the process of doing about a hundred other things (they typical situation for a mom making dinner), so I poured the first round of pancakes on the griddle and stepped away for a minute to do whatever else needed my attention at the moment.
I came back to flip the pancakes and saw this:

No, I wasn't making chocolate chip pancakes (thank goodness-I might have missed it!). Look closer.

Yep. That's a pancake with extra protein. Apparently the fly thought he'd be sneaky and have some pancakes for dinner too. Tough way to learn that he should've just stayed in the path of the fly swatter. Hopefully he at least died happy. (and warm! ha!)Have you seen Emperor's New Groove? You know when Kuzco (as a LLama, dressed up as a woman) and Pacha go out to eat and Pacha breaks the bug know that sound that Kuzco makes? (best description I can think of is *hork*-thank you Lisa) That's the sound that echoed through the kitchen. Yummy. Ironically that sound makes me think of castor oil, but that's completely a different story.


Kelsey said...

Sick A flies! You know how I feel about those. So...did you serve it to Aaron? I totally would've for reals. he he
That picture makes me wanna vomit. I'll never eat pancakes again. Not that I did anyway.
WE will miss ya'll in LAGUNA!!! Remember last year, you got prego :)
Sorry had to.

Kelsey said...


~LL~ said...

I'm LOL!!!

Catey said...

Kel-I'll miss Laguna too, obviously we always have a good time! ha! So is that YOUR plan for this trip???

Kelsey said...