Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where oh where?

Could everything I'm looking for be?

We did the big WalMart trip last night. We have a costume party tonight, so we were grabbing those few last minute things we needed to finish up the costumes, and getting all the munchies that we wanted on hand. (no, we don't get the munchies from our parties-you know what I mean).

So, now that I have less than 2hrs until things get under way, I'm making sure we have everything ready to go. My spine starts tingling as my inner radar indicates that I cannot locate my giant party size bag of M&Ms in less than 30 seconds. Or less than 5 minutes. And now that I'm looking, where are the olives? And all the bobby pins I got so that I could get my hair done? And where are the chips? And hey, WAIT A MINUTE-I'm missing all sorts of things!! Panic ensues at the thought of being M&M-less, and though I do love them so, I'm not sure I can justify a 45min trip to the store at this hour just for my beloved little rainbow colored melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hand goodness. Did we leave them at Walmart? (Oh please no!)

No, I distinctly remember seeing at least some of the missing items in the car last night.....

Checked the car. No.

Checked my stash. No.

Checked all of my little secret hiding places. Nope. No luck.


Oh wait, where haven't I checked?

The freezer.

Good crimeny.

Lo and behold. The missing bag; M&Ms (PHEW!), Thread, buttons, bobby pins, drink mix.....In the freezer. Of course. Why wouldn't one of the kids have stuck those things in the freezer?

But now the baby is finished nursing so I am off to finish getting ready!


Kelsey said...

I would've looked in the oven ;)
Have fun at your par-tay! Can't wait to see the pics....and see you guys tomorrow. Hallie has something for "baby Charlotte...ahhh ahhh ahhh"

~LL~ said...


Lisa said...

I hope you had fun! I was going to say that I bet they were all together somewhere!

Kelsey said...

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 never looked so good :)

Ashley said...

Sure glad that you found them, they seemed to be the 'staple' last night!
Thanks again, we had a great night!


Kelsey said...

by the sounds of the games you played, I think you did have "the munchies!"

Cindi said...

Happy Birthday, yesterday.

Michael and Tiffany said...

The party was great! It wouldn't have been the same without those m&ms ;)