Monday, October 20, 2008

Me, myself and I

Ever googled yourself?

I did today. Stupid reason, I entered a giveaway contest and now can't come up with where it was, so I figured I'd google for a bit and see if it came up anywhere. You know, my name as the winner of the giveaway. Oh c'mon, I'm hopeful!

So, what comes up with "Catey" and hmmm...what did I add? Winner? Blog? Blogger? Can't remember! Oh well.

Turns out that I've become a bit more popular since last time I did this little exercise. In the past the only things that came up were some comments on natural induction methods (my experience with reflexology), and the Catey Awards. Turns out I'm more involved in the hospitality industry than just a few years with Marriott and The Ritz-Carlton all those years ago!

I do wonder if Aaron suggested the title for this little bit?

Now what is there for me? Well, I've been turned into a comic strip. Yep, that's right, Bev and Catey. Still trying to figure out if I'm the black woman with the beehive, or the blond with a 'fro. If you figure it out let me know.

Also, apparently I have a 46yr old lover named Michael who wished me a Happy Birthday back in February. A picture of a postcard.....hmmmm.....wonder if his last name is Scott by any chance?

I coming up as a little 2yr old as well. With much darker hair. Though I'd love her tan. ;) I'm not posting that link 'cause that's just a little too scary/stalker/creepy.

I am a chick in the UK with a crafty little blog. Apparently I've already celebrated my birthday-two weeks early-with a brownie and a walk on the beach. And I topped of the evening with a bag of Jelly Bellys! Sounds good to me! Maybe I'll leave a comment there......

This one cracked me up too....Catey's scrapbook profile. Mostly because she is obviously LDS and in her gallery had a bday card for Kelsey (my sister's name).

You must check out just kills me! Check the picture and the caption under it. "Inspiring confidence globally". Oh really? Slap happy dude with a pilsner in a pub? Not exactly what comes to mind for me when I think "global confidence". But whatever.

The Catey Fam has their own website, wonder if it's the same Scott that's out there "inspiring global confidence"? I didn't know my name was also a last name. But hey, it's made the baby name books here.

I am a really odd caterpillar that will not, I repeat NOT help sell your house.

And here I am rockin my new glasses. Good Times.

I had a great photoshoot here. Totally rockin the rain boots too. And look, I am {fun-tastic}!

I am also a company with my own logo. In addition to that, there is actually a company called Catey Control in Salt Lake City. I just wish I could figure out what it is exactly that they do........

And I love this. You think people who see this will start calling me "c-unit" now? Apparently "i heart ...hugging people. Just heaps and heaps. Touching people is so my style". Wow. Who knew? Honestly, I'm just not sure what to make of that statement. Especially in light of having watched dozens of episodes of The Office just seems like something Michael would say.

And there you have it. Now I feel like a creepy stalker.

Go google yourself and see what you come up with.