Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ironically, I was just thinking to myself a few days ago....

....."Gee, I'm glad we have insurance!" You see, I was going through the recent onslaught of medical bills (baby's delivery, OB's bill, Aaron's ER visit, Dallin's stitches in July), and noticed just how many thousands of dollars we'd owe people if we didn't. We still owe a lot more than I'd like, but I'll certainly take this over the alternative! I noticed in particular how expensive stitches are. Dallin's bill for 5 stitches in his chin would have been $487. Holy Moly! Ouch. Hallelujah that we only have to cover $26.29.

Double Hallelujah since tonight was just a quiet night at home.

On the agenda, a quick stop in at the Stake President's office, then I was off to do some inventory (have I mentioned I like shoes? rofl!), and Aaron was home with the kids. Well, since the barcoder ended up in The Big City to the north of us with one of the party managers, and entering hundreds of pairs of shoes barcodes by hand is tedious to say the least, inventory was called off and I got to be home. Good Timing since Aaron is on call and apparently people do not know how to function this evening so he was busy with computer illiterates.

Anyway-I headed home, hung out with the kids, helped Malia with homework, watched Aaron cruise around on facebook (he sucommed to the hysteria), and just enjoyed the evening. Clean house, happy kids, husband off the phone with the people who don't know how to run their own computer systems....good times.

Kids got all wrapped up and ready for bed, we had prayers and sent the little ones down to their beds. *sigh* Bliss.


You know where this is going.

Enter the scream, one child running upstairs in a panic, continuous crying, and oh yah, lots of blood.

Any guesses on who?

Dallin. Again. Just over two months since the stitches in his chin. At least he's going for variety and did the forehead this time. Apparently he doesn't want anyone else's scars to take all the glory (Daniel! lol Just kidding! Although I know Dallin will love yours!).

We made it through 9yrs and 9+ months of parenting and only had stitches happen once. And that wasn't until child #4. Now in the past two months we've tripled the count. Dang.

Two sets of stitches in two months. I really hope this kid isn't trying to establish a pattern.


zoinatt said...

Ouch I hope he's okay. Yep I would have to agree insurance is a true blessing.

Rheanna said...

Even though we haven't used our new insurance yet-I'm super excited just to have it! It's such a blessing!
That boy is seriously accident prone :o) You didn't want a quiet relaxing evening anyway-right ? :o)

Lisa said...

Oh no!! I hope that he is OK! We have a nice set of medical bills too...2 kids in 2 years will do that to ya!!

The Cline's said...

Hospital bills are such a drag, that's for sure. Good luck with the stitches count. Hopefully it will come to an end.

Thanks again for the beautiful flowers. They really made my day :)

Chris said...

Looks like Dallin inherited his father's penchant for medical drama. I hope he's okay.
Thanks for the birthday wish, by the way.
Oh, and you've been tagged -- head to my blog to see what that means.

Justin said...


Go to my blog to see what that means.

Cindi said...

Ouch. I hope Dallin is recovering well. At least little boys think scars are cool. Can't live without insurance.

Kelsey said...