Friday, June 26, 2009

72 Hrs

Wait, haven't I done this post before?

Yep, oddly similar, entirely different. Figure that one out.

Last time it was 72hrs before Triathlon. Hopefully 24hrs from right now I will be finishing Tri #2.

Last time it was a post about jitters and nerves that would continue for 3 more days. This time, no jitters. As long as I don't drown somewhere in this big red triangle here,
it's all good. The open water swim is a little daunting, but hubby has enough nerves going on for the both of us so I'm relieved of the duty of being nervous.

This time, you get a recap of the last 72hrs.


Three days ago: Crushed big toe, enough to lose half of my toe nail. So comfortable! Especially when running! With any luck it will just go numb by tonight. (and don't worry, a fresh coat of polish had made the rest of my toenails all sorts of happy)

Two days ago: Smashed my ankle, resulting in a lovely purpley-black hue. Yay me! Tenderness is wearing off-thank goodness!

Yesterday: Mosquito bites. Really, these are just annoying, and when I get them I swell up like someone is inflating a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon under my skin, but I can ignore that. Except when I wake up to find that there is one on my eyelid and a glance in the mirror reveals this:
Ok, thankfully that's not me, and it's a slight exaggeration. But doesn't he have nice teeth for a fighter? The good news is that I can see, and the swelling usually only lasts about 12-24hrs, so it should be gone before too long.

I haven't been hit by a bus or anything today, I'll keep my fingers crossed that my luck and enough coordination to survive 24hrs continues. We'll call today's issue the fact that part of the run course and "a key bridge" were washed out due to flooding and they've had to "make a minor adjustment" to the run course. Ah, good times!

So as long as the garbage I feel coming on can be attributed to allergies, I am rarin' to go tomorrow! Bring it on!

(Don't you wish you had my luck?)


Heidi B C said...

you'll do great!!! Good luck!

Kelsey said...

Good for you! You ROCK! You even look cute with a brushed out perm and sweats :)