Tuesday, June 2, 2009

They grow up so quickly....

First they are off to Kindergarten, and before you know it they are shaving in the shower.

(so bummed that the photo is blurry)

Someone was in the main bathroom so I let Jacob shower in the master bathroom.  He got out and was calling for me.  As soon as I saw him I knew what had happened.  

But I asked, just for fun.  'Cause they always tell great stories.

"What happened?"

"The water was just getting too hot.  It made my lips bleed!"

"You sure?  You didn't touch the razor?"

"Yes!  I'm sure!  It was just the water!"


(long pause while staring to see if he's convinced me)  
"No.   I was shaving.  But now my lips are cut and it hurts!  I think I need bandaids on my lips."

Good luck with that one.


Lisa said...

TOO funny! Mine always confess right up too.

Off to VOTE! :)

Lisa said...

Hey ... "Life Moves Pretty Fast" is cheating! Listed under 2 categories! BAH!

Shilo said...

I actually remember doing a similar thing with my Dad's razor...I was older (not quite sure how old), but my mom came in just as I was about to start...
I wasn't headed for my lips though...

~LL~ said...

oh my.....that just hurts me thinking about it

Kelsey said...

vomit! He is the best.

Aaron said...

I am not cheating....I didn't even know I was nominated until Catey told me....I had nothing to do with it.