Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maybe I should sell the naming rights on ebay


Yes, that was three exclamation points.  They are that cute.  Sadly, pictures don't do them justice at this point, but trust me, if squeaking and squealing from something other than my own newborn is keeping me up at night and I can still get up each morning amazed at how adorable these things are, they must be cute.  

Sophie had her pups early Saturday morning.  She didn't even wake us up-not a peep from her!  We kind of expected some whining or some pawing at her crate door or something (we kept her shut in her crate so she didn't wander off and drop puppies around the house).  But nope, no sound at all.  By the time that squeaking-from the puppies-woke us around 5am, she had already had four of them!  Talk about a wake-up call!

She went on to have two more pups about an hour later. Thankfully she did well and didn't have any problems, prompting Aaron to comment "look-she gives birth just like you!  She just kind of lays there and pops them out!"  

I think that was supposed to be flattering?  

We ended up with a total of six; 3 boys, 3 girls.  Sadly one of the boys didn't make it.  But we do have 5 adorable little bundles of fur that are thriving!  

And apparently birthing wears Aaron out whether it is me giving birth or not. 

Meet Sadie (the white one), Gunner (the slivery brown male), Elvis (our very noisy little brown male) and two still unnamed little girls (one dark brown and one med brown).  They are little (ranging from 4oz-6oz), but bigger than I expected.  No wonder my poor dog looked like a turkey.  

Dear Heavens, I have an overwhelming desire to squeal with delight.  

But I won't.  

Until next time I hold one anyway.

We're still having the debate as to whether or not we'll keep one.  The other four have all been tentatively placed already as well.  Wow!  We actually had six people ask about having one before she delivered, but a couple have been iffy which is a good thing since if they all wanted one there wouldn't be enough to go around.  So even if someone backs out, it shouldn't be hard to place them.  

I've always been partial to female dogs (call it camaraderie maybe?), so I am surprised that I am totally smitten with this little guy:

This is Gunner.  5 ounces of irresistibility.  I'm guessing that if we keep one, he will be the one.  
We'll see. 

Still looking for names to identify the two brown females.....any thoughts?  
I did tell my Stake President I'd name one after him, but since the boys were named already all I could come up with was Harriet (his name is Harry) or DeeDee (first initial, last initial), but those just don't seem to fit.  Although Harriet is growing on me.  We debated using his wife's name, but is it bad to name a puppy after your Stk Preident's wife?  Hmm...... 
I was thinking of calling one of them Tinkerbell, but would Pres take it as though I was calling him a fairy?  Look at these situations I get myself into. 

So help us out folks-name that puppy!


Aaron said...

Whatever.....I think we should name them Rachel and Monica....cause they are our friends.

Kelsey said...

Rita. Carmella. Lola. Peony. clarabelle. Tootie. Blaire. Natalie. Jo. Mrs. Garrett.

Lisa said...

Super sweet!

Malinda said...

Barley wants to throw his name in the pot...I told him you are lookin for little girl puppy names and he said his name is unisex (or you could name one hopps in honor of Barley)