Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spot Rides Again - Triathlon #2

Spot? Who's Spot?

That would be me.

Those of you who took my FB quiz know that my nickname used to be spot. This is why. And thanks to my last battle with Strep, I am scarred with spots.
(I can't believe I actually am showing you all my thigh.)
It's everywhere. (the spotting, not my thigh) Lovely, isn't it?

Back to the point-I did not drown in the big red triangle! Yay for not drowning!
Honestly, after the churning mass of chaos that was the swim start and about halfway out to the big buoy I had a panic attack and was certain I was going to die. It's really motivating to keep swimming when you know you HAVE to keep swimming. I much prefer the pool swim-if nothing else you get a heck of a lot less water in your mouth! Longest 750 meters of my life. It is painfully obvious that swimming is my really weak leg. But I must sing the praises of a wetsuit-that sucker was so buoyant! It really made a huge difference for me.

Otherwise it went well, despite my chain slipping off my bike again. What is with that?! At least this happened at the top of a big hill instead of the bottom like last time.
I met all of the goals I had for this tri-not walking any of the run, not drowning, and even feel good about my time.

Oh-and it was one of the prettiest rides I've been on! It was really fun to ride through the winding roads up in the mountain towns, through pastures, past streams and was beautiful. The weather was perfect. It was such a great day!

I was hoping to be under 1:45, since my first tri was 1:44:48, but with a much longer swim and a longer bike, I didn't know how close I'd come. Thanks to the run being shortened (gotta love torrential rainfall washing out trails), I made my 1:45! I crossed the line at 1:45:04.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Granted, I got totally schooled by most of the people there, and of course by MaryAnne
(Hello?! Look at her-she is awesome!) who blew in at 1:35, but I'm very happy with my time! It almost makes me want to sign up for the other Jordanelle Tri in August to see how much I could improve on it. We'll see.

Aaron did awesome as well-not as well as he wanted I think, but considering all of the respiratory problems he's had in the past few months, he was amazing! Most importantly he had a good time, and I think I *might* be able to talk him into one in July now. Maybe.

Not nearly as many pics this time since Aaron was racing and not playing my personal photographer, but that's fine by me! I'm trying to be like Ashley and learn to take good personal pics at arm's length. I'm improving, don't you think?

I know there are some of you who have debated doing this-it's daunting before you do it but it is so fun! There is a mini-sprint tri on Aug 1st (250m swim, 5.5mi bike, 1.5mi run), it would be a really fun one to start with, so come and do it with us!

I'm very glad I let my husband drag me into this. I love it!
Plus, where else can you look like this and totally fit in? Absolutely no where.


Heidi B C said...

Where is the sprint tri? That might be something I could do. Where did you guys get your wetsuits?

Catey said...

It's up in Layton. Got to and click on Upcoming Events and it will get you to the info.

We bought our wetsuits online from the XTerra site when they were 1/2 price. MaryAnne just rented hers from Power Tri-the company that sponsored yesterday's race.

Kelsey said...

Go, Fight, Win.
We are the world.............

Aaron said...

Hey, I get to see your thighs...I thought I was going to in the last post about them....but alas, you made up for it here.

Dave and Cheryl said...

Good job!! You are amazing to be able to do that. I used to be somewhat athletic, but I haven't done anything more than walking in far too long.

Thats fun that you did that with your husband!!

Heidi B C said...

That sprint looks like so much fun! Are you doing it by yourself or are you using a partner?

Catey said...

It does, doesn't it?! I haven't decided yet if I'll just do it myself, or if Aaron and I will split it. I guess I should talk to him about that.... :)

Big Daddy said...

Congratulations. I think I will pass, you may look good in a wet suit but us big fat guys know better.

Ashley said...

You're getting good at those self pics, keep working on it... practice makes perfect! :)
One day I am gonna brave the open water and do a tri with day!

Ashley said...

You're getting good at those self pics, keep working on it... practice makes perfect! :)
One day I am gonna brave the open water and do a tri with day!