Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank you Indiana Jones

My 4yr old is obsessed with Indiana Jones. He has been for a while. I don't remember exactly when or how it all started, but I think it was last year some time. Now that I'm really thinking about it, it must have been early last summer, because the first time this (unbelievably accident prone) son ended up with stitches, he was happy he'd have a scar "Just like Indy does!" Whatever. This is the child that will have multiple scars. *sigh*

This boy constantly walks around with the IJ theme song going on. Humming, "duh, duh, duh-DUH!"-ing, and even singing.

What, you didn't know the IJ theme music had words?

It does. They are as follows... *ahem*

"Indiana, Jo-oh-ones
Indiana! Jo-oh-oh-oh-ones
Indiana Jo-oh-ones!
Indiana-iana-iana,ianah-ah Jones!"

Lovely, no?

This kid even got the Indiana Jones Action figure for his birthday.

Complete with whip cracking sounds that go off when you push the button that makes his arm swing (and thus swing the whip).

(But he still makes the sound effects on his own as well)

Cool. Had to fight Dad for that one after the grandparents left.

So why does this subject come up today?

Well, today said child was hanging out with his shirt off and walking around with a jump rope in tow as a whip. He's swinging "by my whip Mom!" from the playground, as he hums his theme song.

And then, from my sweet little 4yr old I hear, "C'mon then! Let's get the HELL out of here!"

"Uh, what did you just say?"
"I said 'Let's get the HELL...."
"Where did you learn that son?"
"Mo-om, it's on Indiana Jones!"

So thank you Indiana Jones. For giving my son a theme song, an imagination boost, and teaching him a new word. Thanks a lot.


~LL~ said...


As the mother of another "Indy" I can totally empathize!!! ROFLMBO

Kelsey said...

thank goodness it wasn't me.....It probably was.

Hollie Wood said...

Aaaaahahahaha...I'll be laughing over that one for a WHILE!! I hate it when my kids sin FOR me!! It's great once they hit eight and can be held accountable for their own actions AND words!! ...still laughing!

Big Daddy said...

Oh come on now, Danmit and hell aren't bad words. They are just colorful.

Chris said...


Every boy knows that those are the lyrics to the Indiana Jones song.

Actually, we also had alternate lyrics back in the 'hood, as they say (I'm sure someone, somewhere says that).

Here comes Indi -ana Jones
And his wi-ife, Mari-uh hun too
Not to mention, lit-tle tots
And they're off to adventure, and happiness
Ev-ery where!

It took 27 years for the wife and tot part to come about, but I'd say that was pretty prophetic for a bunch of nine year olds.

It's never to early to start your Indiana Jones obsession --take it from a guy who has shelled out a LOT of money for THE hat and THE whip!

Aaron said...

Sorry Catey....they get it from me.

Lisa said...

TOTAL hoot! I guess he's not old enough for the LEGO sets. That's what Silas is into!

Dave and Cheryl said...

My son is so into Indy as well. He got the whip for Christmas and its still his favorite toy. He doesn't sing the theme song as often as he used to, but he will do it on command. I always thought he was too young to be into Indy, but it sure does make me feel better that your son likes him too.

Jenn said...

Hey, at least it wasn't the F bomb! "F***king people" coming out of your two year old's mouth and knowing it came from you? Priceless.