Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A drawer holds so much more than just "stuff"

I was going to title this post "What's in My Drawers?", but I just knew that someone would take that and twist it. Maybe more than one someone.

Moving on!

One of my current undertakings is to clean out the closet in the office. It's really become the catch-all. Kid's things, craft things, electronic and photography things, fabric, name it and odds are you'll find it, or something close to it.

Hmmm.....big cleaning needed for a catch-all hot spot in my house....kind of a running theme.

I have this set of stacking drawer that holds a lot of these little odds and ends. I decided it was finally time to get it organized yesterday. I knew that it had a bunch of baby things in it, along with various craft and sewing things, and knew that they needed to be cleaned out and put in their appropriate places.

Out of four "craft" drawers, only two actually had craft things in them.

One drawer was filled with little baby boy hats, bibs, washcloths and towels, socks and even two cute little pairs of shoes. These are the remnants that missed that initial packing away of baby boy things when Lincoln outgrew that first tub of clothes. Hard to believe that my little tank was too small for many of these things just two short years ago.

It always seems to go that way, doesn't it?

That fourth drawer was where I had placed other kid things, some paper work from dr appointments and such. I was amazed at just how much was in that one little drawer, and the throwback to days gone by that I experienced as I emptied it out.

First, I was surprised at just how many baby grooming items were in there.

Obviously we've had plenty over the years, I guess with this many kids you end up with leftovers. Those little saline tubes were from the last time a baby was hospitalized. Uh, that was over 4yrs ago. It's been too long since I've gone through these things.

This was from that same hospitalization. Not sure why we have this. It was probably kept in anticipation of further oxygen treatment at home that thankfully wasn't needed. It makes my heart hurt to see oxygen masks this tiny.

This is a stack of papers from well child check-ups. From back in the day where everything was handwritten (gosh are my kids that old??), to the new ones that are printed out with their growth mapped right on the curve.

Newborn screening sheets from hospital discharges, a few of the bracelets and bassinet tags from when babies were born.

My health records from my last pregnancy. I like to look back and see how things progressed (and just how much weight did I gain?). This was also a tear jerker for me.

See the corner there?
I still really miss my doctor. He passed away when I was 32wks pregnant last year. He was someone I adored and admired, and was a very good friend to Aaron and I. I remember it being hard to see his signature crossed out from my chart and replaced with my new doctor's signature. It still brings a lump to my throat to see that.

On a happier note, keepsake books from each of my pregnancies to track all my info, appointments and progress. Yep, I have had that many babies.

In the back of a couple of those books are ultrasound pics. I love ultrasound pics. There's something magical about seeing those perfectly formed little hands and feet when a baby is only a matter of inches long and ounces heavy.

This represents one of the most stressful purchases I've ever made. For some reason during my 2nd pregnancy I had a little meltdown near the end of the first trimester and was sure something bad was going to happen (as opposed to my second meltdown during that pregnancy after we had our first u/s and learned of other issues). I NEEDED to hear that little heartbeat so I was thrilled to come across this little contraption. This of course was before the days of doppler rental (which I love by the way!!!). This represents the worst $20 ever spent. This sucker won't even pick up a heartbeat when I'm 9 months pregnant. My attempt to relieve stress only created more. Why do I still have it? Your guess is as good as mine.

The original child leash. I really am not a fan of cartoony characters all over stuff. Especially Looney Toons. No offense to anyone who likes them, I just don't. So to have that all over this thing was traumatic for me. And let's be honest, I was one of those uppity first time moms who balked at those horrible parents who put their kid on a leash like an animal. I would never do anything so horrible to my children! Uh, yah. Live and learn. Anyone who I judged all those years ago, I apologize. Turns out I have freakishly active kids who love to explore. This thing saved my sanity for the year or so that I used it. But thank heavens for the newer version that looks like a cute monkey backpack. So much nicer.

A blue elephant hand puppet for the bath. This came with in a gift pack with a blue elephant baby towel. It also came with a stuffed blue elephant. The elephant became Bob. Bob and Dallin were inseparable until a little over a year ago. In bed, in the car, at the store, even camping.

Anywhere Dallin went, Bob went. The trunk would be grasped in his hand while he sucked his thumb, his finger hooked on his nose.
I hated Bob some days (like when it was bedtime and we couldn't find him), but mostly I loved Bob. I love that we have pictures of Dallin and Bob.

These are notes from a little scavenger hunt we sent the kids on to reveal the gender of baby number 6. At the end there was a little wrapped up outfit. It was green. you had to look closely to see that it was for a boy. When Malia figured it out, she threw it down. She was NOT happy! ha! Best home video footage ever!

And last but not least, a comic I cut years ago. I knew one day this would apply to me so I wanted this reminder in case I ever forgot what I needed to not forget.

I think I'll go play catch with my kids now.


Lisa said...

FUN! You mean you don't have all of that stuff organized in a home-made baby book for each kid? I'm shocked!

Becky said...

I have an area like that too. LOL

And I puffy heart our cute little doggy backpack 'leash'. Without it, we would have lost Carson long, long ago.

Angie said...

I was very displeased with the baby listening device also.