Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And the nominees are.....


No, seriously.  

Ye olde Random Thoughts from the Zoo has been nominated in the Utah Baby Guide Magazine 2009 Blog Contest.  

And now comes the part where I shamelessly request your vote. 

Cause I'm like that sometimes.  

Go to the Utah Baby Guide Blog Directory and scroll on down the page to Funny Blogs and there I am!  Ironically I find it funny that my blog landed in that category instead of Personal Blogs, but I'll take it.  Info on voting can be found there (email them at contest@utahbabyguide.com with the web address of your favorite blog, which of course would be mine, right?).  

And that's not all....

Hubby's blog is there too!  Under personal blogs you'll see Life Moves Pretty Fast.  And what kind of wife would I be if I didn't put in a plug to vote for him in that category?  

And of course feel free to plug this little voting request on your own blog too if you feel so inclined.  Wow, look at that.  I really am shameless!

Guess that means I should put together a giveaway or something motivating....  Stay tuned!