Monday, July 21, 2008

Well, I lose. And I'm sending my parents out of town.

Oh well. My guess passed 4 hours ago. I guess I could still go today, but I highly doubt it. I'm gonna have to take my ring off today though-as my sister would say, "that bugs". But hey, it's the longest I've been able to wear it during pregnancy, and I never would have guessed that that would happen in the middle of the summer, so yay fingers for not swelling at all earlier! :)

As far as sending the folks out of town-they have this little pattern. My parents like to travel. I think it is wonderful! I hope to have the same opportunities some day as they have seen some amazing things in amazing places. As they do a fair amount of traveling, often their excursions are booked WAY far in advance. The funny thing is that typically when I announce a pregnancy I hear a short time later..."oh, we've got a trip planned around then!" Which when you consider the frequency of my prenancies and the frequency of their traveling, really isn't all that surprising! ;) They have been kind enough to reschedule some of the smaller ones as the time grows closer so that they can make sure they're around when baby arrives. wonderful! When it comes to the bigger ones, like a trip to China/Hong Kong/Bali that was 10yrs ago, we just hope that baby cooperates and comes before the trip date. Thankfully with Malia my water broke and she was here for almost two weeks before they left. Had I gone the full 2wks over before my dr would induce that time, they would have been climbing on a plane to journey to the other side of the world for 2 wks just a couple of days after she was born. Point being: They had talked about taking a small trip this month. It would have been closer to the 4th, so two weeks ago (which was a bit early for me still), but still, can we reschedule it for now? It virtually guarantees that my body will actually do something to get this kid out!

Can you tell yesterday was a long day?

But hey-I even have castor oil in the house and I'm not doing that, so I haven't hit the end of the world point yet.

Today there is nothing on the list of things to do. Well, except laundry and dishes and that normal daily grind.

I think we will play "who can give the best foot rub" all day. And maybe just watch movies. I do really hope that it will rain-I would love to open all the windows and just let the rain smell flood the house.


Lisa said...

Oh yum! A lazy, rainy day sounds divine! It's smoking hot here and humid!

She'll be here on Thursday... :)

Kelsey said...

that bugs! :)
Why don't you have Aaron S.Y.M. ? he he