Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Nursery

Yes, I'm finally putting up pictures! Hooray!

There are still a few little finishing touches I'd like to put on it, but for now I think this is as close as it gets! :)

So here it is-the girly room!

And while I'm posting pics, a couple of the absolutely beautiful things that were given to me at my shower last weekend. (I have the sweetest friends ever!) I'm so impressed with these ladies!! I'll post some pics of the shower and us making fools of ourselves hopefully tomorrow (woo-hoo! Watch for those! lol), but thought I'd snap these two shots since I had pulled these out to show my sister and a friend who were here today.

Are you not just ridiculously impressed?! So cute! Thanks again girls!

There you have it-we are appropriately girlified! lol My older girls are just loving it-everyone who stops by just has to go see Charlotte's room. (so weird to refer to her with a name!) And don't worry, the displaced boys that moved downstairs got a room done up just for them-I'll post some pics of that hopefully tomorrow too.


justdawn said...

What a sweet nursery!

Kerri said...

It is beautiful Catey. I like the name too. Though I did hear it a week or so ago after Kathryn babysat. Good luck

Lisa said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I love it...very simple, but elegant! I love her name too! No middle name?

Kelsey said...

cute nursery! Cute little Charlotte. I can't believe you told people!

Shilo said...

Love the nursery.
I think the colors are absolutely wonderful.

Heidi B C said...

Beautiful room. I just found your blog through Ashlie's and I hope you don't mind me leaving my two cents. Isn't the girly stuff so much fun? We are actually STILL working on Trevor's room and hopefully it will be done and finished by the time he's one or so. Hope you are feeling okay (as okay as possible) and I can't wait to see pictures of Charlotte.