Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's official-I'm pregnant.

I know, I know, we've all known this for many months. But you see, there is a different level of pregnant. It's the level that happens so that women will WANT to go through labor. You've loved on the little one inside you, but you reach a point where you want it O-U-T. You reach this point so that labor doesn't seem so bad. You don't care what happens, or how much it hurts, just as long as it ends soon! Thankfully, I'm not QUITE there yet, but it is coming. quickly.

I hit this point-typically about 2wks before I deliver-where I turn that corner to the next week in the big countdown and run face first into a brick wall. Well, pick me up and call me a pug. Over the last 3 days I have gone from feeling 6 months pregnant, to feeling 10 months pregnant. The ginormous growth spurt I've had over the past week did not help. Yes I do realize that I am incredibly lucky to feel as good as I do for as long as I do (except that fourth pregnancy...someone always has to be the exception!). I realize that at 35 weeks most women don't feel like rolling out of bed, let alone mowing the lawn. I am ridiculously grateful to feel good this far into pregnancy, especially with 6 other kids to care for! Thank goodness I'm not down for the count yet-I still have too much to do! I hate feeling myself slow down though...I don't like just sitting around, especially when I feel like I have so much to do. Although I will readily admit that at this point, if I can get everything done in the next week, I will gladly just do as much sitting and relaxing as possible from that point on! :)

The good news is that this means the end is near! The bad news is that everyone around me will have to put up with super-b*tchiness, irritability, short-temperedness (is that a word?), lack of energy, and probably some amount of complaining for at least 2 more weeks. And truthfully, despite starting to feel crappy, I already know that I will miss this. I will miss watching my belly jumping around, feeling this little girl wiggle and squirm. I will miss her frequent hiccups. I will miss the anticipation of when she will get here, what she will look like, how big she will be, and the kids' reaction to another little addition. I will miss loving my waist measurement-even if it is well over what it "should" be! ;)

But hey, the other good news is that the second coat of paint goes on the nursery in 2hrs, and then when it's dry I can start putting it together! Yay! That means that I can go dig through the storage room for the box of baby girl clothes and get washing too-and this child will have something clean to wear! lol

Oh, and good news installment #3-if this kid comes at 38wks like most of the others-that is just two weeks from today!!!


Lisa said...

You popped overnight! I already miss it too. I love pregnancy and childbirth, but alas are finished. I'll have to live vicariously through you, my friend! 2 weeks...I'll be waiting by the phone!

Aaron said...

How about later today, I think I can work you in if you want.

Michael & Tiffany said...

You ALMOST made me baby hungry again! Good luck in the next few weeks!

Kelsey said...

oh the joys! I can't wait to meet this lil gooer :) 2 weeks!!!!! I can't wait to snuggle her...and shower her with gifts of course.
Maybe you should do the slip and slide tomorrow and pop her out. he he I would love to see you run and dive. Classic!
The good news is that, she will come out eventually. I remember bawling because I thought Hal would never come out and that she wanted to stay in there cause she didn't like me. Hormones, gotta love them. I will come out and help put together "her" nursery next week if you want. Today is the last day of the sale at Old Navy if you want stuff.
The End.

Kerri said...

Kathryn says your nursery is sooo cute! It doesn't help when it is 100+ degrees outside either. lol