Friday, July 9, 2010

This is what it looks like

when you take 7 kids out to eat.
(I have no idea what Aaron is looking at sideways)

We very very rarely eat out, especially with all the kids in tow. Any parent knows that eating out with kids is risky. You can imagine the looks we get from people when we walk in with our herd.
The assumptions are killer.
We went out last year for an early dinner (to beat the rush), and actually had three parties refuse to be seated by us. The hostess brought them over, showed them their table, and they refused. Nice, huh? Their loss though, not only were the kids stellar on that evening out, but we thanked the people who happened to sit by us without arguement by paying for their dessert. Don't get me wrong-when Aaron and I go out to dinner, I'm just as annoyed to sit by the obnoxious kids whose parents do nothing to control them as the next person.
*and since I keep deleting my further thoughts on this subject, I'll just say I have strong opinions on various factors that play into that, and leave it alone*

But I am happy to report that our children were good as gold last night. During family photos, and the dinner that followed (which was used as bribery to behave during photos. Thank you IHOP $2 kid meals!). The real kicker is that we didn't go to dinner until 8pm. Even more impressive that they were so good at bedtime!

I have to remind myself to not shoot smug glares at the people who roll their eyes at us when we walk in and watch with dropped jaws as we walk out. But for those people, I say Ha! Take that!
And I'm sorry they seated that other family next to you. I'm guessing your dining experience wasn't nearly as enjoyable as mine.


Niki said...

Your kids are the BEST! We would sit by you any day! Especially if that includes dessert!

Kelsey said...

SUCKAS! Seriously they missed out..listening to Jake..ob is the best thing in the world!

Kerri said...

My dad used to take the 10 of us out to dinner about once a month. We have sat by kitchens, and usually in the 'back' somewhere. Then EVERYONE has to stop by the table and ask if all 10 were his. Then came the compliments. The only thing they never knew was the my dad would have KILLED us if we weren't 'perfect.' It is always funny to watch the heads turn and people fidget hoping you aren't going to sit next to them:) oh happy days...