Saturday, July 3, 2010

I had an experience today.....

An experience that just kind of struck me.

Since March, I've had this really crappy thing happen every time I go shopping. The vast majority of my shopping is done at Walmart, and at our Walmart the baby section is smack dab in the middle of the store. It's pretty hard to miss if you have to get to anything in the back half of the store from any direction. And every time I've walked past the baby section, or gone to buy diapers or wipes for Charlotte, I've had to stop and take a deep breath and make sure I was ok to do so.

It's really hard to walk past the baby section when you don't know if you get to have your baby.

I'm one of those people that adds newborn diapers to the list and buys some each time I go to the store for most of my pregnancy. A few things here or there and that whole getting ready for baby thing doesn't seem so overwhelming. And when you're baby obsessed the way I am, it's entirely too much fun.

It's really been hard to not do that this time.
To walk past all the little things and try not to look. Or try not to cry when I did look.
It's been months since I could walk past those aisles and not feel sick to my stomach.

Today I was at Walmart (again-for the third day this week-don't ask), and just because I could, I walked through the baby section. And felt all giddy inside. Just like yesterday, when I bought some onesies.

Today I bought a crib sheet.

Because it dawned on me this afternoon that I will have a baby, most likely sometime within the next month. Maybe I'll earn a week or so beyond that, we'll see.
And as I choked up at the excitement of the opportunity to get out the baby clothes, and wash up the car seat, I realized that I have done pretty much nothing to prepare for a baby.

Charlotte is still in the crib. Though she did start regularly climbing out two weeks ago, so it was about time to get her into a bed anyway.

I don't even know which storage tub has baby boy clothes in it. I guess it's time to look for those, huh?

The bassinet is tucked away downstairs in the storage room. Somewhere. Better find that too.

Today it really struck me-I have a baby to prepare for!



Kerri said...

So happy that you have a baby to prepare for! Many Blessings:+)

I still walk through the baby section and think about the babies that I could be buying for. The things are so much cuter these days:)

Niki said...

Yay! I can't even being to tell you how happy we are for you! Can't wait for Thursday...let's pray for great weather :)

Sara said...

Hooray Catey! What a wonderful change in outlook for the future of your family!

Kelsey said...

so happy for you! Please let me know what we can get for Sammy Davis Jr.

ptg said...

Blessings all glad that things are turning around.

Jen said...

I am so happy for you. :)

~LL~ said...

Ah, Sweet Catey. You have had so much on your mind lately. At least you don't have to prepare as one who has never had children. You know, when all else fails, you need clean britches and a warm blanket or 2. The rest can wait, if need be. Little Sam is going to be so welcomed, he won't need a crib for awhile. :)

On a side (lighter) note. I can't believe you would need enough new born diapers to buy so many. LOL! Most my boys plumped out so fast, that we only wore newborn diapers for 2 weeks, if that long. By 4 months, Preston was in size 4 diapers. HA! He was 20 pounds at 15 weeks. What a chunker!

Love you and can't wait to hear your news! Call me (or text me, please!!!)