Friday, July 23, 2010

People don't believe me.....

When I tell them that this child is constantly into things.

Constantly into trouble.

Very, um, adventurous.

I mean really, how could that sweet little curled up child possibly get into trouble?
(most recently? burned hand, hair elastic, scaling the swingset....)
Ironically, with the same bed that she sleeps peacefully on in that last picture.

Take a close look at that (very messy) face.
Charlotte vs toddler bed.

Two weeks in the bed, three stitches in the face.
(no, I don't usually let her suck on nail polish bottles. Nail painting was used as bribery to hold still for the photo and she insisted on holding it in her mouth. whatever.)
Just in time for her second birthday.
But at least she waited until after family pictures!
And it is kind of amusing that from a few feet away it looks like she used eyeliner for the cat-eye look, along with a lovely purple shade of eyeshadow.

I will spare you a picture of the injury that followed this one. On Saturday she took a chunk out of her thumb with a potato peeler.
We now have a matching set; "eye hurt" and "hand owie".
Ah, to have a sweet, mild, docile little girl.....