Monday, July 26, 2010

Charlotte turns 2

How is it possible that this child is two already?

I swear it was just yesterday that she was looking like this:
Unreal the way it flies.

We had a mostly great birthday party for her. Mostly because the girl was ON one!
Full steam into the "terrible twos". Dang. With all our others it seems like that didn't hit until they were pushing three.

Oh well!

I tried my hand at fondant for the first time-not too bad.
I feel like I've totally slacked on the birthday cake thing for the past couple of birthdays, time to kick it back up a notch. So I went checkerboard too.
Go me!
(now I'll feel like a schmuck if I slack on the October birthdays....)

She enjoyed the singing and the candle,
but snapped back into her mood shortly thereafter.
As evidenced by the cake she dumped on the table, after which she rubbed the plate on her head.
(note the crumbs in hair. nice.)

She preferred to take an ice cream cone and have some alone time.

The ice cream seemed to do the trick and she was back in good spirits for gift opening.
I can't even express how much I LOVE the dress up obsession that has hit lately! So much fun to watch her in the little shoes and stacking bracelets up her arm while she totes a purse and pushes her stroller around the house.



Kelsey said...

shoot, I have the perfect picture for this post. It matches the newborn pic. I'm sending it right now.

Lisa said...

So fun! Happy birthday sweet girl!

Cindi said...

Happy birthday to Charlotte. She is so darling.