Thursday, July 15, 2010

If you don't believe in Miracles, it's only because you aren't paying attention

And I mean that. Really.

There are people that say miracles no longer happen. Who choose to believe that because they don't see the Red Sea parted in front of their eyes, that these kinds of things don't exist.

That the "little things" are just coincidence. Or luck.

They are wrong.
Just flat wrong.

We were reminded yesterday-yet again-that we are constantly witnessing miracles. Some may seem smaller or simpler than others. And some are just flat overwhelming and unbelievable.

Some of them are provided through friends and family, some by complete strangers.

Some come directly from the heavens, in ways we can't fathom.

Some of them have been brought to our lives anonymously.
The hard part of that is that we are then left not knowing who to thank.

The overwhelming amount of love and service that has flowed our way in recent months, and truthfully for our entire lives but so very prominently in recent times, is nothing short of miraculous. The many ways in which our lives have been touched by the examples of others are countless.

We were discussing with a friend some of the challenges of life yesterday. She replied "The Lord does love us and look out for us. He just also teaches us and humbles us as well."

So very true. We simply hope we are good students in the lessons He is trying to teach us.
And that one day we will in turn be able to serve and lift those around us, and pay forward the many blessing with which we have been blessed. Though a lifetime of doing so would still only scratch the surface.....

The world is so focused on all that is bad and all that is wrong.

It is truly humbling to be surrounded by so much good. Thank you.
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Kelsey said...

Miracles are real!!!