Friday, July 9, 2010

Sneak Peek

Man, she's fast! :)

You see that little button over on the side there? <------
(ok, to the side and down a little)

You'll notice I don't really do the whole "add my button to your blog" thing, so she's the only one there. For a reason.

Cause she's worth it.

Shooting last night with Niki was an absolute treat! Seriously, it makes a world of difference to have a very personable photographer. Especially when a lot of kids are involved.

And there is a sneak peek at one of the maternity shots on her blog already:

The skies were perfectly overcast for many of the photos, and the sun came out for some finale shots.

I think if there were a photo to represent this past week perfectly, this is it.



Kelsey said...

LOVE the pic! Perfection.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo...