Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Life in our home is never boring.

If you've ever spent two minutes with us you understand.

And though lately all things concerning Samuel have kind of taken center stage, there are a myriad of other things going on. Outings, adventures, and a half a dozen blog posts to share our not so quiet life. Maybe by next week.

This week started off with all sorts of fun.

Tuesday was killer.
It was The Interrogation.

Duh, duh, DUUUUUUUH!

Oh yes. The full press.
All the kids lined up to find the culprit.

The crime?

Someone has stolen a Fat Boy.
No, I'm not kidding.

Ok, this wouldn't be as big a deal if this wasn't becoming a recurring theme. The kids have all been blessed/cursed with my sweet tooth. But one of them has also acquired sticky fingers.

I cleaned out my closet the other day, and out of 4 bags of lifesavers, one was empty, and two are now half empty. Previously one was open and I had eaten I think two lifesavers out of that bag. Also, the half package of double stuff Oreos was empty, as well as the bag of gummy bears. Not to mention the missing packages of coconut M&Ms.

Someone has breached the perimeter.

In our house Mom and Dad's room is not public space. The closet is ESPECIALLY not public space.

Hey, stop judging. If you had this many kids you wouldn't want them constantly pilfering through your things either. Heck, I don't know anyone with any kids who want them pilfering through their stuff!

Respect the perimeter! Someone is not respecting the perimeter!

And yes, I really do have that much junk food stashed in various places in my room. And that just scratches the surface. (Reason number 387 why I am a runner; I can indulge and not feel the least bit guilty about it because I know that I burn it all off anyway.)


Last weekend someone ate nearly an entire box of mint chocolate chip Fat Boys. Honestly, not that big of a deal because Aaron didn't like them much-and they were purchased specifically for him-but it's the principle of the matter darn it! It's annoying to find an empty box in the freezer. Also, we buy plenty of popsicles, Otter Pops and normal ice cream for the kids. When you are a grown up you have earned the privilege of the premium stuff; Hagen Daaz, Breyers and Ben and Jerry's are not made for children who can't tell the difference anyway. You have to earn those things in life.

Fat Boys fall into that same category at our house.

So after the empty box incident, I decided I'd count the regular Fat Boys left in the big box. Just to see.....

And what do you know, sometime yesterday morning, a Fat Boy went missing.

Kids to the couches!

Everyone sits until someone fesses up.

It's interesting to see how the kids react. Who finds it funny, who pleads for mercy, who just gets irritated.
Yesterday was quite eventful. One child begged the culprit to "Just admit it!", another lectured on two of the three basic house rules (Obey, Tell the Truth), ranting that "Oh great, someone disobeyed, and just like every time you disobey, something bad happens and now we're all stuck here! Just tell the truth and don't make it worse! You know the rules!".

I actually had to leave the room when Jacob started in on how whoever took it should just get coal for Christmas! ha!

After about 30 minutes of sitting there, Dallin took the fall. Whether or not he's the one who actually did it, I'm still not entirely convinced.....

But considering that he and Alaina admitted after the first empty box that they had concocted a plan to get up in the middle of the night to eat the Fat Boys, but had slept through Alaina's alarm that she had set for 1am for their middle of the night freezer raid and thus missed their opportunity, it's certainly possible.

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Trish said...

oh so glad we are not the only ones with these hilarious stories! We used to find stashes of fruit snacks, pudding cups, capri sun, etc around the house. one of the kids wanted to make sure they got their fair share of the stuff.

Kelsey said...

I am PEEING my pants about the alarm! That in itself deserves a fat boy :)
You guys and your "adult" food. So funny

Kelsey said...

I am PEEING my pants about the alarm! That in itself deserves a fat boy :)
You guys and your "adult" food. So funny

~LL~ said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! And you are SO right. The good stuff is for mom and dad, only. When I DO drink, and allow the boys to drink, Dr Pepper. They get the crappy ones. I get the Dublins. ;)

Shay said...

LOL, this post brought back so many memories from growing up! I had 6 siblings, and we would ALWAYS "sneak" food!!!!!