Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Monday


A new week, and a desperate need for productivity.

The week starts with a clean slate, but unfortunately not a clean house.

But hey, with laundry off to a good start (one load folded and put away, one in the dryer, one in the washer, and another about to be folded), my bed made, bathroom clean, and banana bread baking in the oven-all prior to 8:30am, the day looks promising.

At 34wks pregnant (that's 6wks to due date for those of you not as freakishly familiar with pregnancy timeline as some of us, and for this pregnancy means likely 2, hopefully 3 weeks till baby-come on baby, aim for August!), the panic begins to set in. I'm still hoping that we don't hear "It's time to get him out" at my appointment this week. The week by week thing is stressful sometimes.

Next Monday marks the return to real life again too as Aaron's next quarter of school starts.
Also we decided it would be a good time to refinance so the house must be appraisal worthy.
Nice timing we have.

Being a list maker at heart, the following were jotted down last night as today's "to-do's":
Little Boys' laundry
Charlotte's laundry
Towels (yes, more laundry)
Clean out Little Boys' room
Clean out office closet
Clean carpets-office, Charlotte's room
Hang Mirror
Paint Crate
Cut board for seat (that crate that is being painted is becoming a storage bench-needs a seat)
finish___ and ____for baby shower on Saturday (in case she reads this!)
Cut and paint trim for bathroom mirror

Not too bad, definitely doable.

Yes, I realize that blogging wasn't on that list, but hey, I found 5 minutes of quiet as I cleaned out my inbox, so you lucky gluttons for punishment who continue to wonder just what in the world goes on in my head get this gem. Besides, blogging has got to be more productive than checking Facebook, right?

The perpetual list for the week, or rather for asap but MUST be done this week:
Clean out laundry room
Clean out garage
Touch up paint: dining room, living rom, office, little boys' room
Paint baseboards upstairs
Repaint wall in Boys' room (the other boys)
Wash bedding
Make pillow and Case for Charlotte's bed
Call for copies of all ultrasounds and records
Make changing table cover
Paint hall bathroom vanity? (verdict is still out on whether or not Aaron agrees on this one...)
Find and sort baby boy clothes
Wash baby boy clothes
Wash crib bedding
Gather stuff for hospital

Those last few things above I've been putting off. I think as a coping mechanism. Worst case I don't dig out any baby clothes (just in case-still can't get over that fear some days of not needing them after all), Sammy arrives and Aaron has to find the tub o' clothes in the garage, and we'll wash them then. Since thanks to some very sweet people he has things to wear when he makes it home, the rest can be done after we know he's safely here, right? *sigh*
Except that whole hospital bag thing. I guess I should at least make a list for that huh?

I guess I'll add "make a list" to my list.
'Cause I'm like that.



Kelsey said...

I love a good list, I just don't like doing anything on them :)
I can't believe you are that far along. When's the next appointment? If you want me to come out and help you do stuff let me know.

Lisa said...

Great to do list. Where's the rest and eat ice cream portion? I must have missed that.

~LL~ said...

I keep praying for all of you. I have a good feeling.... Remember, God has you, Aaron, your doctors and, especially, Little Sammy in His Hands. All for His glory, my friend.

~LL~ said...

I put out a call for prayer for you and your sweet family on my blog. If you don't like something I put, let me know and I will edit it.

Much love.