Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life Lessons: Crossing the street

We walked home from church today. It was a beautiful day, and the walk was wonderful. Even in 3 1/2 inch heels.
(until I got tired of them and walked in stocking feet for the last few houses)

There were a couple of streets we needed to cross to get home, and trusting that most of the kids are smart enough to not get killed on the way home, I let them run ahead, leaving just Lincoln and Malia with me.

Lincoln is one big fat ball of energy, and things like stopping to look both ways are just slowing him down.

First street he stopped at the edge of the sidewalk to wait for me. Yes! Progress! I asked him to look for cars, he saw one and waited for it to pass.
Then it was time to look again. Thankfully no cars were coming as he looked just to his left, and kept his head looking to the left as he ran across to the sidewalk on the other side.

After Malia and I also made it across, he turned around and said "Phew! Not dead! We're not dead Mom!"

At least he knows the basics; when crossing the street, the main goal is to not die.



Kelsey said...

He's right, most important part!
If Hallie even sees a car, she runs and hides behind me....oops, my bad.

PS. I can't believe you wear "stockings." And I can't believe you call them that. he he

MaryAnne said...

LOVE LINCOLN!!!! That kid is so much fun!!

~LL~ said...

NOT DEAD!!!! Always, a good thing!

Lisa said...

What a kid!