Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cravings+Busy Body+Hubby in School+Sugar=

Entirely too much fun.

I got to help out with a wedding shower for my cousin recently. So what do I pick to do? Desserts of course! Like you wondered.

Bum deal is we ran out of time to do decor the way we really wanted. But I think it turned out ok. And the weather cooperated which was our biggest concern! It was a beautiful warm day-which is amazing when you consider that it's been snowing off and on for the past two weeks. Including right now. Nice.

We stuck with a black and white color palate, with a little green thrown in for good measure.

The food turned out lovely (at least in my opinion, and by the comments of the attendees. Unless they are all big fat liars- in which case I'd rather just be lied to). Some of the classics, and a few new favorites.

Lemon Pannacotta

Lime Tart

Coconut Cupcakes with Lime Curd

(I was terrified I'd misspelled that label and that it would read "lime crud")

And those always requested, like the cheesecake and the coconut cream cupcakes.

Wish I would have planned ahead better, finished the decor, and taken my own camera (that would have been helpful, huh?).
But for a neurotic pregnant woman with very little brain capacity lately, not too shabby.

(For those who asked about recipes, you can find coconut cupcakes, coconut/pomegranate panna cotta, and lemon tart here on the blog. I will get the others up asap!)



Celeste said...

My favorite was the cup with the yellow stuff in it & topped with the black berries!!! YUMMY!!! Was that the lime tart?!? Anyway, LOVED that one!! FYI...they all looked so wonderful!

Kelsey said...

doesn't help when you have 2 prego brains running the show!!!
Damn tissue flower things! Thanks for not posting the pix.
What no pix of the I'm entirely offended.

Steel Springs said...

Those desserts look delicious!

Lisa said...

YUM! I love that fabric too!

Kerri said...

Do you hire out?

Deedles said...

Um Yummy!!!! They look so good and absolutely beautiful!