Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Giving my kids reason for therapy since 1998

I'm sure my kids already have more than enough ammo for therapy sessions later in life.
Thankfully no Dr Phil worthy moments, but hey, isn't it every parent's duty to do things that tick their kids off?

Yes it is!

And this month brings a joyous little exercise that they will certainly remember for years to come.

My oldest is going through this weird phase where she hates anything fruit or vegetable. Kudos for her not going with the trend and wanting to be vegetarian or vegan or something, but really? "I don't like fruit or veggies mom!"? Really?

Enter obnoxious mom.

I have taken it upon myself to change my daughter's mind. Or at least tick her off trying.

A few weeks ago I decided that April would be fruit and veggie month. At least one fruit/veggie every day that isn't a common default in our home. You know, we have peas all the time, she likes carrots, and she'd gladly eat her weight in applesauce, so those things are out. Out I say!

Thus far we've concentrated on the fruit side of things, because, well, I'm the one doing the grocery shopping and I happen to be craving fruit. 'Nuff said.

So far this month we've sampled:
Asian Pears
Champagne Mango
D'anjou Pears
Red Grapes

With Mango, Papaya and Coconut next in line.

I know many of the above aren't exactly exotic, but a couple of them I wanted to make sure she knew the difference between canned and fresh (pears, peaches, pineapple), and between jam and the actual fruit, and others were killer prices that were too good to pass up. Besides, the girl says she hates all fruit, so she's going to get as many fruits-common or rare-as I can get down her gullet.
And no, I'm not making her eat excessive amounts, but she must try at least a few bites of each thing.

I have met some resistance, but I am very pleased to say that she's actually liked a few things. Progress! We have progress! Mango, grapes, kumquats ("but they were just ok, they were really tart!"), have all gotten a thumbs up.
Others she swears she hated, but I think it was just in effort to prove her point.

The kumquats were very tart-which made for a highly entertaining dining experience.

Dallin didn't fare so well-he just gave up and spit it out.

Sorry-that picture is gross but makes me laugh my head off. It told you I'm mean.

And see? Look at that faker-it's not even in her mouth yet!

I'm so bummed that Aaron missed this one. I should have done it on a night when he didn't have school.

I'm going to be really mean and make her come up with her 10 or 12 favorites when this is all done. Maybe I'll make her sit and recall everything she's tried and rank them in order from favorite to least favorite. Hmmmm....the possibilities......

And you know, I'm having so much fun with this whole thing, maybe I'll just make May veggie month and let it drag on for a few weeks longer. Bwahahahaha!



~LL~ said...

HOW FUN!!!! I need to do that. My kids don't eat their veggies very well..... you are an inspiration. :)

Lisa said...


Kelsey said...

I wish I would've pretended to hate fruit....smart.

Cindi said...

What a great idea. But Russell hates all food--it's not limited to fruits and veggies.