Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'll have one Sunday morning, with an extra helping of chaos please

Those of you who have kids know just how much fun getting everyone ready for church on a Sunday morning can be. I'm sure you can imagine that party that is our house every Sunday about two hours before church. Good times.

Is it only us, or does something always go wrong on Sunday morning?

Usually it's just the typical missing socks, or one of the boys has ripped a hole in his pants and not told us prior to one hour before church starting, or a white shirt has been stuffed under the bed instead of either hung up or put in the laundry where it would be washed, so we find ourselves scrambling to find something to dress that child in. Or the girls are having hair issues (who knew it started that young?). Or one of my personal favorites; everyone is dressed, looking nice, and ready to go......and then someone spills. All over themselves. And it has to be something that you can't just clean up and go-it totally kills whatever clothes they had on. Good times.

Last Sunday started out typical, and actually a little better. Kids were getting dressed-in appropriate matching clothing (score!), being cooperative (for the most part) and being kind to each other in the process. Except the "no one will button my dress meltdown", but that's an issue all by itself.
We did the typical sock hunt, though I'm still not sure WHY after all the boys got the glorious gift of yet another pair of church socks in their Easter basket this year. (have I mentioned the sock issues we have in this house?) Grand total locatable new church socks: 1. 1 0f 8. Go figure.

We should have known things were going too smoothly.

Heck, the oldest two had even gotten out the iron and ironing board to get their own shirts done! Woo-hoo! Kids who want to iron their clothes! And are actually capable of doing so!

But that's where the best of intentions went slightly South.

Everyone was off getting their own things together while I was scrambling to gather things for my lesson. Have I mentioned that teaching adults throw me into a tailspin? It does. Freaks me out.

While we were all busy, Charlotte was being her normal self, just cruising around, playing, flipping through books....and then she wandered.
You know where this is going.
Right out to the ironing board.
Where the iron was plugged in and red hot.

And then comes the blood curdling scream.

She had pushed the piano bench over to the ironing board and climbed up to check things out. Which is when she grabbed the iron.
And did a number on her hand.

Nothing says Sunday morning fun like a trip to urgent care!

We were just watching it for a bit to see how she did, but when after an hour of crying (even with ibuprofen in her for the pain) she was still going strong, we figured we'd better check it out.

She got it pretty good, waking up yesterday with a hugely swollen blister right in between her thumb and her index finger, and up the side of her thumb. With a nice little perfectly round blister on the tip of each finger to match. We were aiming for 'try to keep it from popping for now'. We made it two full hours on Monday morning-all the way until 9am. Go us.

This is after it popped:

The picture very much does not do it justice, it runs from the bottom of her finger across that skin between the finger and the thumb, all the way up the side of the thumb. It wraps over that skin toward the top of her hand too. It's pretty gross.
But now it's covered (better than this picture-this was making do with what we could find in the house), and she alternates between loving having her hand wrapped, hating having her hand wrapped, and ignoring the fact that she has her hand wrapped-moving on with life as normal.



Kelsey said...

oh my honey! So sad :( Yet another reason I don't iron. Who the heck irons?! Get a steamer.

Steel Springs said...

Oh no! I hope her hand heals quickly.

Unknown said...

Poor thing!

I so hear you on the chaos when trying to get out the door.

~LL~ said...

Ouch.... poor Charlie... poor you. And yes.... I have a dislike for the normal Sunday morning craziness!