Thursday, September 10, 2009

You've (still) got mail!

But less mail than before.

You'll all be happy to know-well, at least my husband will be happy to know-that I have spent the last 20 minutes going through my inbox.

I'm down to 277 emails in my inbox. Don't scoff, that means I've just deleted over 500 emails.

Also, I just came across an email from an old friend from high school that I saved because I didn't have time to reply to it when she sent it.

On July 5th.

Ouch. Sorry about that.

And no, I still can't explain why there are still so many. Mostly because I have other things I have to go do now. We'll see what I can whittle things down to later today.

Hey-baby steps.



Lisa said...

I am SO not an e-mail saver! I trash that stuff ASAP! teehee

Deedles said...

Well you can have 277 e-mails because I have 2,793 e-mail in my inbox and haven't cleaned it out cuz it would take probably a whole day! Good for you on trying to clean it out! Maybe someday I will be able to get my inbox cleaned...