Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Running Stupid

Not as in: Running, Stupid.

Running Stupid. As in the opposite of running smart. As in what I did last Saturday.


I figured since I can pull 7 miles in an hour now (yay!), and be fine w/out taking along a water bottle or stopping on the way, I'd go for 10 big ones.

Well, nice thought, but it didn't turn out so well.

A-I usually run in the morning when it's nice and cool.

I overslept on Saturday and then Aaron had to take off to get some campaign stuff done (btw, if you live in EMtn, go HERE, get informed). This left me to run when he got home or later that evening. The evening wasn't available, so I opted for when he got home. Hey, it's been a little cooler, right?


Word to the wise: do not go running at noon. When it's still soaring into the 80s. And you didn't bring water.

B-Uh, I'm slowly learning to clock the trails with my bike instead of going by the road distance being clocked with my car. Should be a no brainer, right?

Turns out that my 10 miles (by road distance) is actually roughly 11 1/2 miles on the trails. Who knew that zig-zagged that much? Huh. All you people are running further distances than you think!

So how'd it really go?


Ok, not the whole thing. The run out was awesome! At the turn around point I was feeling great, making killer time (killer for me anyway), and the first bit on the way back I was fine.

But then I started feeling it, had to walk part of it, and got sick.

I can now say from personal experience that real dehydration sucks. brown pee= bad.

At least I had taken my phone with me so when I had to suck it up and admit that I really was getting that sick, and I called hubby about a mile from home to come and get me, he did. He was vastly confused when he met me only 1/2 a mile from home with water and I fell into the car. I'm not a quitter. He knows that. He was dumbfounded when he said "Ah, c'mon! You're almost there! You want to finish!" and I replied with "no."

So I guess technically I made my 10, and even a bit more, despite the fact that I don't remember 20ish minutes of it. Good sign, huh? Ugh.

The good news- Almost an entire pizza and 60 ounces of water made me feel human again.
Oh, and if you haven't tried Heed, it's awesome. Chug some of that instead of Gatorade to recover. I'm not a huge fan of most supplement type stuff, but that whole replace everything you just lost thing becomes necessary at a point. I was terrified of hitting that massive grossness that you get after supplements for recovery, especially since we had plans on Saturday night, but there wasn't even a hint of sick that night! I'm totally sold on that stuff.

And now I've learned yet another lesson the hard way. So next time, drinking as I go, a little bit of fuel, and better timing.
Bring it on.


Lisa said...

I'm still impressed! GO YOU!

~LL~ said...

I'm ALL for drinking as you go!! LOL~~

JK...good job! I will live vicariously through you. If I have to run to be healthy, I will just not be healthy.

Kelsey said...

you know that thing that's in your head.....USE IT!
I'm buying you a fanny pack where you can store water :) You think I'm kidding.