Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to my roots-Random Thoughts

It's been long enough since I've just emptied my brain. And since the name here is "Random Thoughts", I thought I'd get back to basics.
Don't hold it against me.

I have issues with my inbox. I usually am good at replying to emails pretty quickly, apparently I just have a problem deleting things.
There are currently 806 items in my inbox. Sadly, I'm not joking. This will make my husband crazy, which I find amusing. He flips if there are more than 10 items in his inbox.

No one required stitches, or even a trip to Urgent Care this past weekend. I think that is a new record for our family on a holiday weekend.

I think I decided to paint my room. Now I just need to pick the right color.

I have "Chanandler Bong" and "Moley, moley, moley" stuck in my head.

Can you guess what this child had for lunch?

That child sleeps with her shoes now. Is this a bad sign?

Here she is waking up, making sure she has both shoes in hand before starting her day.

I think there is a conspiracy in the appliance industry. Appliance delivery is always late. When we moved here they said they'd be here around 5pm, they came at 10:30pm. Seriously. Appliance repairmen are always late. I have no personal story, they just are. And now the conspiracy extends to replacement parts. When we ordered the part to fix the oven, it was supposed to come on Friday, it came the next Wednesday. Since that once broke as the oven was being fixed (talk about torture), we had to reorder. You guessed it, late again.

Jim Gaffigan cracks me up. I could listen to his bit about bacon over and over and over and still laugh until I cry. That and Hot Pockets. That never stops being funny.

When my 4yr old was ignoring me the other day, I asked if there was a problem. He told me, "Mom, when our teeth are tired, then our mouths can't open." Apparently his teeth were too tired to allow him to reply. But they woke up enough to explain.

I do not recommend running a 10-ishK when feeling ill. (10-ish because the course is almost 7 miles) You feel it too much the next day.

Also, do not get the stomach flu after a long weekend. Especially when your house has not recovered from the camping trip you took over said long weekend. It kills your productivity.

Speaking of the 10-ishK, I was sure I'd be longer than my last timed run on that course. But when I realized around mile 5 that my pace was actually not too bad, I started getting my hopes up. Good news, my time was not that far off of the last holiday weekend run. Bad news, I missed beating my last time by two seconds. TWO stinkin' seconds.
Now I have to go run that course again when I feel better so that I can beat my time.

I think I may be too competative sometimes.

Apparently my children need to review their colors.

Or they desperately wanted to write the word "blue", no matter what color crayon they had in hand. And the desire was so urgent that they couldn't be bothered to find paper, thus they needed to write on the door.

You know when you buy a dress, and it's either "meh, I like it enough, and it's a great price, maybe it will grown on me", "I like it, it's nice.", or "Oooo...I really like it!"; well, there's another level. It is the very rare dress that makes you squeal with delight as you look in the mirror, trying to prevent yourself from jumping up and down out of sheer excitement that you found a dress that you like so much while reassuring your husband that you are not actually having a seizure and hoping he really likes it too.
I found one of those dresses. For $1.24. Score.

I think I was actually jealous of someone who was complaining about morning sickness recently. Hm.

I have an unnatural need to bake.

Also for M&Ms. Which I must buy soon because now the Halloween ones are out. Not that they taste any different, but they make me feel more festive.

Speaking of Halloween, I enjoy it way too much. The dressing up part. I'm not into the whole gory, nasty, evil, gross part of Halloween, but I love the costumes. Mine is starting to come together. That makes me happy. Now hubby has to get on the ball and figure his out.

I have a picture of the hubby and I after waking up on our last camping trip. (Can you call it waking up if you've only slept in 20 minute spurts over a timespan of about 5 hours?) I was going to post it, but I like this picture of waking up while camping better:

I love her hair when she wakes up.

I'm so bugged that this picture is out of focus.

Despite the fact that I feel like garbage and have only kept down a piece of toast today, I have an overwhelming urge to bake a cheesecake. I guess it's a good thing I don't have all the ingredients on hand.

And now it's time to start the next load of laundry. This makes 9 loads today. Really.

Happy Tuesday.



Kelsey said...

sorry you are sick. Are you out of Coconuts yet?
Love the pix of Charli

~LL~ said...

I'm sorry you are sick. I'm like you, sometimes Ijust need to dump in my post. Good for you.

Ashley said...

Sorry that you aren't feeling well, need anything?

Lisa said...

LOVE Jim Gaffigan! I'm sure you've heard his take on the holidays?