Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things I found in the wash

This post is called "Things I found in the wash", because it is about things I found in the wash.

Deep and thought provoking, isn't it?

I'm the mean mom who makes my kids do their own laundry.

Starting at 5yrs old, they're up. Yes I'll still help if they need it, but experience has proven that they are old enough to sort their things, load up the laundry, and do much of the folding.

I told you I'm mean.

Hey, at least I won't have kids going off to college and not knowing how to do laundry!
But now I'm wondering, will I have kids that go off to college and don't know how to check their pockets?!?

Today, the big boys are up. Since they are at school most of the day now, I have no problem switching out that first load (started before school!) and throwing in the next load. Then it waits for them to come home and fold and put away.

As I switched the first load, this is what I found:

Two pencil top erasers
One AAA battery
One Penny
A Lego Indiana Jones hat
A play key
A small caribeaner
Two (now mangled) Pokemon cards
A drill bit
Another Lego piece (part of a roof I think?)
A Cub Scout neckerchief slide
A very small suction cup with hook
An MP3 player end cover
and a little tube that I am clueless on. Looks kind of luke a fuse, but it's not. Hmm.

It all comes out in the wash, doesn't it?



~LL~ said...

Count me up there with the mean kids do their own, too.

That little fuse it a magnet? One of my kiddos has some of those and they are magnets. Just a thought.

Looks like McGyver in training. LOL~

Lisa said...

HOOT! It would be even better if that all came out of one pocket!

Kelsey said...

otto....someone's gunna be mad about those pokemon cards!!!

Shilo said...

Wow, well that's fun.
I think Taylor had those cards at Scouts the other day... ;)