Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lessons in home safety

Last night as part of Family Night (and in hopes of a little more progress in the Cub Scout department), we talked about home saftey.

We reviewed what to do in a fire, our escape plans and meeting places.

We noted each of the smoke alarms in the house and how they work.

We talked about fire safety, never playing with matches, and what to do if you smell gas/propane.

Then as our little drive the point home activity, we talked about other little hazards around the house and how to make our home a safer place. The major focus there was keeping things where they belong, keeping the stairs clear, and the storage room free from garbage/debris/hazards.

Perfect timing as someone recently broke a glass ornament on the storage room floor. It needed straightening anyway, so we all got to work in the storage room.

As we were filing in (yes we all fit!), we passed the furnace and water heater, and the carbon monoxide detector.

One of the younger kids shouted out "Look! Another fire alarmer!"

Ever the voice of reason, one of our offspring of the older variety felt need to correct them.

"You're right, it's an alarm, but it's NOT a fire alarm," we heard in a superior tone.

"It is for something else. It's a Hydrogen Peroxide detector."

I slept well last night knowing we are safe from the dangers of a hydrogen peroxide leak.



Cindi said...

What a relief. When I first saw the title, I was afraid someone else had been hurt. We need to have that lesson at our house too.

Kelsey said...

Hydrogen Peroxide is scary! Didn't you see what it did to my hair in Hawaii :)

Unknown said...

HOOT!! EVERYONE needs a Hydrogen Peroxide detector! You just never know!

~LL~ said...

ROFLMBO!!! As a blond....I understand the dangers of Hydrogen Peroxide! I need to get me one of them!