Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, at least it didn't involve scissors this time



Could #5 be any more accident prone?  I mean, c'mon!


Two youngest boys playing happily (yay!) in the backyard.

I hear them occasionally near the window well covers.  That's fine, they're sturdy.

Then it gets quiet for a minute.  

Then I hear the window well falling shut.  Crud.  I knew what was coming next.

And....there it is!  Dallin screaming!  

Cue visual of severed or seriously broken fingers/hand/arm/leg/foot/something. 

(I was very impressed with my sprint time to the backyard.  Less than 3 seconds.)

And there is Dallin, with his foot stuck under the edge of the window well cover.  Which is a good sign.  This means his toe has not been severed.  But it was stuck.  Under a very heavy metal cover.  And upon lifting the cover to release him, there were two unbelievably smashed toes.  


Straight to the sink for a wash and icing down of the foot.  

It is nothing short of miraculous that this boy still has his toes.  Slightly swollen, not even broken.  Amazing.  Had he been just an inch closer, it would have been the emergency room for us.  

I think I may just duct tape him to his bed.  And pad his walls.   And his ceiling.  And wrap him in a sumo suit.  And then some bubble wrap.  And never let him near anything hard/heavy/sharp again.


~LL~ said...

I don't want to laugh, but good gravy!!!

Malinda said...

Caty, I love your blog! and now that I have internet, I can follow it better. When you figure out how to do the duck tape thingy, let me know, my number 1 is on the same path as your number 4!

Malinda said...

OOPs, I meant to write duct tape...heehee

Kelsey said...

he makes Jake look like a boring kid :) I can see his furrowed brow now. he he

Shilo said...

At least he can say he had some "fun" experiences growing up.