Saturday, May 16, 2009

Triathlon Accomplished!

I did not die.  

I did not come in last.  

It was good.  Very good.

I honestly can't believe how good it felt.  Running across the finish line was entirely too fun.  

I highly recommend this Tri to anyone considering it next year.  This was an all women tri which made it like a big group of girlfriends all just on one big long workout.  Before I got in the pool I had three new friends to hang out with on the pool deck.  It felt great to jump in the pool and know that there were plenty of other, um, not so strong  swimmers in there too.  
(let's face it, as one of my new friends put it, "I know how to not drown.  Actual 'swimming', not so much."  That sums up my pool portion really well)  Everyone that passed you passed with a "keep it up!", "you're doing great!", or some other kind, happy, encouraging statement.  
It was lovely.  

The amazing range of ages, sizes, and athletic ability were so fun to see.  It was an all-around inspiring day.  
There were some very serious athletes, they were in crazy good shape!  (the winners finished in 1hr 2sec.  Holy smokes!  The top three were separated by just seconds!)  There were a bunch of first timers like myself, and some ladies there just to be there and try to make it to the end.  Truly a wonderful experience!  

And now for your viewing pleasure:  Me.  

Lucky you!  

No, seriously not just me, but here is my first triathlon in all it's glory.  
(and me and my love handles making it to the finish line!)

On to June where I'll have Tri number 2, and hopefully number 3 as well to give me three races (with three events), for my three decades.  30 feels good! 


Kelsey said...

Nice! Did people think it was weird that you had a bald photog following you around????
Way to go. Maybe I'll consider after baby #2....if it even exists :)

bethy said...

Yeah, um, hi muscles! Way to go!

Rheanna said...

That's such a huge accomplishment, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and felt so great afterwards too :o) FYI-you look GREAT!

Michaela said...

Great job!! I don't know what love handles you're talking about - you look great. I bet your kids are proud of you!!

mom24boys said...

Hooray Catey! Congratulations! You should really be proud of yourself!

Tiffany said...

Congrats! I was thinking about you all Saturday morning :) I am glad you enjoyed yourself so much.... I am in next year for sure!!

em said...

Those arms are amazing! You actually have me considering it. No promises.

The Balls said...

Let me just say this...WOW! Good job!

Aaron said...

Those are some great pics...your private paparazzi is starting to get on my nerves....


Ruth Done said...

Way to go!! It makes me really want to do one. I don't have a road bike. How hard would it be with a regular mountain bike?