Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life according to an 8 year old boy

My lovely husband and oldest testosterone-laden child have been working on the beloved Pinewood Derby car. The Pinewood Derby is on Saturday.
(along with every other event in the world! Side note, can we PLEASE never do it on a Saturday again? Can we do it as a regular Pack Meeting like every other troop in the world? I'm begging you, please???)

Anyway, this whole male bonding time has given way to some serious reflection and interesting conversation between my husband and oldest son.

Today I was called to the front porch where wheels were being feverishly sanded and then painted,
and bb's were being melted in a mini skillet with a blow torch.
(all apparently very conducive to male bonding)

The conversation needed immediate passing on to my ears, lest it be forgotten or misrepresented.

What was so unbelievably important?

Please take note:

"Girls have an easier life. Easier than guys. Girls just have to clean and cook and take care of stuff and sleep. Guys have to fight and work at a desk all day and make Pinewood derby cars with their sons. And sometimes stay up all night."

Well ok then. Good to know.
(what the heck is with the "fight" bit? Ya got me.)

I'm guessing that my sweet wonderful husband made my son repeat this comment to me because he feared doing it himself.

Smart guy.


Niki said...

Your kids are always good for a great blog...pretty funny...

Niki said...

Your kids are always good for a great blog...pretty funny...Flavio said his favorite part of being a "guy" is all the fighting ;)

Lisa said...

That is a hoot! Be sure to write that one down for his wedding day!

Aaron said...

[wipe a tear]


That was funny....women have it so easy.

Marion said...

This totally reminds me of that Pinewood Derby movie. So funny.

So that's what your son says after spending so much time with his Dad LOL