Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My kids must think I'm an idiot

Or just totally oblivious.  

Or completely BLIND.

Why you ask?  

This is why:

I'm fairly certain that the following ran through the perpetrator's head:
"Oh darn, I ate the whole thing.  Hmmm....how to cover that up.....  Mom will probably notice that a dish of her mousse is missing from the fridge.  Maybe if I just leave the dish in the fridge she won't notice.  Maybe she'll think that SHE is the one who snuck in here and emptied the dish with her finger!  Yah, that's it!  Just leave the dish there.....she'll never know the difference....."



Then there is this:

Good heavens children.  Last time I give you big Sundae dishes of mousse for dessert.  It's the little paper bathroom cups for you!  Take that!


Aaron said...

Can you blame them for liking pudding?

Cindi said...

So funny. I'm glad you took pictures.

~LL~ said...

I think Aaron did it and made it LOOK like one of the sweet cherubs did it.