Monday, May 4, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday

Making a Happy Home Monday is a blog carnival hosted by my friend LL.  Such a wonderful woman!  Do a little something to make your home happier.  Or a big something.  Just DO something!  You can check out her blog for a more articulate explanation of the whole thing if you're new to this concept.  

Today, my home needs a truckload of happiness.  Today was round two of CRT testing for the online school kids up at the District offices which meant everyone out of the house by 8 to get there by 8:45.  Considering that Monday is usually the recover from the weekend day, well, it ain't pretty.   

Happy moment #1-nothing to do with the house.  After running errands and waiting in the car during tests, we needed a picnic in the park.  Complete with giant bubble wand.  Good times.  We definitely enjoyed getting out!  Even with the big puddles at the end of the slide.  I'll just call it bath time for today. 

And while my house desperately needs a fairy godmother today, I need window treatments!  I've had the fabric and curtain rods sitting here for way too long, so now my windows aren't naked anymore.  Well, not completely.  Yay!  

I don't love the fabric as much as I did when I bought it, but hey, two windows done for less than $25 (including rods), is good enough for me.  And look at the lovely sectional under them!  OoooOOOoooo!  Seriously, we have some of the best neighbors ever.  No more goofy blue floral early 90's loveseat that I never recovered.  Aaron is much happier!  And we all fit on this!  Bonus! 

Hopefully blinds will come sometime soon as well.  And I still need to get the two random chairs out of the basement.  And move the table/rack for the pool stuff.  Then once I get pictures on the wall it will feel finished down here!  (or closer anyway-just need to finish those unfinished beams and carpet needed, and that's dang close enough!)  


Kelsey said...

Looks so good. Lovin the couch

~LL~ said...

HEY!!! Thanks for linking up. Thse valances look great!