Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another "million pictures of my baby" post

'Cause she's so stinkin' cute.  

This child eats like me.  Mmmmm.....Food.......

She's adventurous in here tastes, especially for a 9 month old, preferring things with a little kick to the bland baby food that one bribes into a little chubby face one spoonful at a time.  

She seems to particularly favor two meals; Chicken Enchiladas in green sauce (with a little Spanish rice on the side), and Taco Salad-which is more affectionately termed "Taco Slop" in this house.  Maybe this is why we call it that:

And of course with that kind of mess clean up is easier in the tub than in the high chair.

(Why is dimply bum so cute on a baby??)

(Mmmm.....thinking back on dinner.....)

"Tubbed and scrubbed, and adequately fed" makes for one happy girl!


Lisa said...

Awww ... she's just plain beautiful!!

Aaron said...

That's my happy girl!

Kelsey said...

oh my goodness, I freak out for Baby C!!!! I love her!

~LL~ said...

I hear ya on the dimples....I got 'em too, but they ain't NEAR that cute!!!