Thursday, May 21, 2009

Learn to Embrace the Smack in the Face

With a house full of little mouths, I don't make exotic food very often.  

Ok, let's be honest, I don't like a lot of exotic things either.  
Because of this, I usually stick to pretty basic foods, and pretty basic spices.  

But there are a couple of things I like to make that have a little bit of kick to them.  

When food has a kick, we use my husband as the scale for just how much heat something has.  This is one benefit to being married to a bald guy.  If a bite or two of whatever he's eating makes his head sweat, take heed.  One would think this wouldn't be a very reliable indicator (so many variables), but with regular doses of Tobasco and Smokin' Viablo, we've come to find that the sweat glands in his noggin are pretty reliable.  

Dinner last night turned into dinner and a shower.  

Wow.  Look at that man's head.


It wasn't even hot in the house, this is all due to food.

The interesting part was watching the kids eat.  While I'll admit, I tried more cayenne in this little dish than I typically do (it was still less than called for), it wasn't THAT bad.  Yet we had Dallin crying, yes CRYING after two bites.  No, I'm not that mean, he didn't have to finish.  A couple of the kids wolfed it down, and a couple complained after every bite.  When someone started whining that it was too hot, Aaron would reply with "Learn to embrace the smack in the face!"  We heard that a lot last night.  The kids sure tried, and did a great job at it.  I think two of them burned off their tastebuds, but hey, they'll grow back.  And even Charlotte happily held her own, although I did wipe off much of the sauce before feeding her any of it.   

Should you ever have one of those days when you need a smack in the face, I highly recommend this:

Chicken Enchilada Dip.

Horrible picture, yummy food.


Hollie Wood said...

Recipe please!! And I need more sweet tooth recipes girl. I'll be makin those splendiferous coconut cupcakes for the second time this Sunday. Oooohhh so good! Keep those recipes uhcomin!

~LL~ said...

we always have spice LOL!!!My 2nd likes it kind of hot, but none of my kids can go even close to what we like so I always have to do 2 batches. LOL

I agree with HW...I would like the recipe