Monday, May 11, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday

Heeeeeeeere's Monday!  

(cue the corny music, and thank you Ed McMahon)

Once again it's that lovely blog carnival hosted by LL, my mom friend who understands my woes of testosterone overload since she also has birthed 4 boys.  It's good to have another who understands.  Misery loves company.  Wait, I'm not miserable, so more appropriately, moms with many little boys like those who understand how bad little boys make bathrooms look.  

Check out her blog here for the lovely details.

Today, sorry folks, no pictures.  

I know-not quite as exciting without them.  Instead you just get to hear me blab about what I did to hopefully feel productive.  

But really, you did not want to see befores or even durings today.  

My bathroom is now super-sparkly-you could eat off the floor-it even smells good-not a speck of anything left in there- clean.  Hallelujah.  

And my kids clothing has finally been changed out for the summer!  Yahoo!  I was going to do that back in April, but then it kept snowing.  And we keep getting mornings that start out in the mid-30s.  Mid-30s mornings be danged.  The pants and sweaters are put away!  Everyone has enough summer clothes that fit, and I only have to do about eleventeen more loads of laundry to get the rest of the cold weather clothes clean so that I can finish putting them away. 

But the best part of this is that shorter leg lengths and sleeve lengths + less layering = less laundry.  
And that deserves another helping of chocolate mousse in celebration.  

Happy Monday.