Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Self sufficiency and peanut butter

I'm all about self sufficiency in my kids.
I'm sure I've mentioned that before.  Heck, I'm mean enough to teach them how to do laundry when they are 5 years old, so that whole "go self sufficiency!" thing should be obvious.

Sam has hit that stage where he goes from being into everything to REALLY being into absolutely everything, rarely giving you a second to catch your breath, let alone keep up with him.

In a moment the other day he went from climbing onto the bathroom counter and playing in the sink (spreading the watery love to most of the bathroom), to climbing on the office desk and playing on the computer while I cleaned up the bathroom, to climbing up on the counter height table while I fixed the office issues he had just created.  With the child safely back on the floor, I started getting things out for lunch.  And left an open jar of peanut butter on the counter.

 At least he was nice and shared with the dogs.

Sophie was so excited about the peanut butter fest that I thought her eyes were going to pop out.

He was pretty darn pleased with himself.  

One day he'll figure out that handfuls of peanut butter are a lot better when you add chocolate chips.  I'm not willing to let him on that little secret yet though.



Kelsey said...

haha yay Sammy! He's getting so big!

3kids2moms said...

I don't know how I came across your blog.. I think it may have been a recipe link for coconut cupcakes.. I must say thank you for the much needed laugh.. your son, peanut butter and the dogs totally made my day.

~LL~ said...

Love it! So cute!!!

Ashley said...

That boy is so dang cute!
I am now sifting through all of your recent glad you are back ;)