Monday, April 30, 2012

Nesting: normal and not so normal

I'm getting to that point.
The point where I figure I should probably do something to get ready for a baby.

I don't nest like a normal person.
Usually there are big projects involved that don't make much sense.
With a couple of my kids I've repainted most of the house.  I guess that's not totally out there, but I do recall Aaron insisting I wait till he could hold the extension ladder steady before I did the entry way that gets a little tall.  Makes sense since I was 36wks that time, but it HAD to be done.
Last time around I built a patio.  Ok, well, not so much built, it's laid in pavers.  But again, HAD to be done!

This time I haven't had any big projects.  I did some repainting last year and don't feel the itch to change any colors this year so that's out.  There was the big storage room clean out and moving of some of the shelving, but that has needed to be done for months so that doesn't really count either.  If I had stayed true to my previous habits, I probably would have started hanging sheet rock and finishing the bathroom in the basement, but lifting make my body very unhappy lately so I haven't done that.  And since that's a project that needs to be started when it can actually be finished and not just sit halfway done, it's on the back burner.  Waaaaay back burner.

So I've ended up doing slightly different things to prep for post-baby.  Kind of.  Making sure I keep up with running things during the last month of pregnancy counts, right?

I scoured online for running shoe deals, since mine were well past needing to be replaced.
That paid off though, resulting in 3 pair for less than the cost of one!

The trail kicks and my two elixirs
Those turquoise and lime ones have been calling my name since they were released.  (same model as the middle shoes)  I almost paid full price for those more than once last year...the wait was worth it.  I can get over my obsessive need to keep my running shoes in the original box and forgo a box completely if I can get the shoes at less than 1/3 the cost!  I big fat puffy heart those shoes.

Seriously scored there.
Every woman needs new running shoes at 35wks pregnant, right?

I also finally broke down and bought The Stick.  Totally worth it.

The foam roller just isn't cutting it for the ITBand anymore.  Not to mention it's ridiculously awkward to foam roll with the added girth.
No, I'm not going to share a picture of the awkwardness.

I also happened upon what would be the best birthday gift ever!


We'll see.

I have started doing a few normal things too.  Like this past weekend I cleaned out the fridge.  Like really cleaned out.  Like 2 hours of completely emptying, soaking, sanitizing, scouring, I don't think it's been cleaner since the day we bought it (and maybe not even then) kind of cleaned out.  It's beautiful.

I did actually jot down a list of things I need to throw in a bag for the hospital.
I cut fabric for a blessing dress.  Haven't started sewing it, but it's prepped.
I'm planning to go get fabric for the other side of her blanket this week.
I have a couple of choices for baby to wear home, just haven't decided which one yet.  But I have them!
I do know where the tub of baby girl clothes is.  I haven't gotten it out or washed anything, but I know where it is.
And I've actually started trying to figure out just where we are going to put one more little person.  Well, we know where she'll go, I'm just working on where the baby stuff will go.  And the plan is to get the changing table out of the garage today (or tomorrow.  or maybe the next day) and get it cleaned up.
See?  I'm making progress!
And I'm making lists.  Lists are progress.

I can't decide if it's having done this so many times, if it's leftover from last time when I was way too scared to have anything out and ready for a baby, or if I've finally just converted to Aaron's thinking of 'if you have a place for it to sleep, a way to feed it and diapers, you'll get to the rest'.

Or maybe I'm just afraid of the fact that though I haven't made it to a due date since child #1, and it really would be convenient if she waited until pretty close to her due date to actually arrive, that she actually will stay tucked away until her due date, leaving me with nothing baby-related to do for the next 4 weeks except stew on the fact that she hasn't arrived.



Laurie said...

I've never even worn Mizunos and almost bought those turquoise ones last year just because they were so cool looking. Yes, every pregnant woman needs new running shoes at 35 weeks. :)

I think I've started nesting too, although slightly unconventionally... I decided my children all needed haircuts yesterday. I only got one done, but it's a start. :)

Laurie said...

Oh, also, glad you finally caved in a got a stick... I love, love, love mine.

Laurie said...

Oh and if I hadn't already left enough comments, that birthday gift looks awesome!! I think you definitely deserve it. :D

Kelsey said...

come nest at my house :)

Adrienne said...

Where did you find the awesome deal on shoes. I wear the same sneakers to run in and my need to be replaced as well!

Anonymous said...

I figured out that only when I'm pregnant do I feel remotely interested in making photobooks from our digital photos, so I did quite a few last pregnancy - getting caught up to when we moved to Hawaii almost four years ago - and then this time I've gotten us caught up to when we moved to the UK last summer. Quite an achievement for me since we just keep taking so many pictures!!! :) When I'm not pregnant I'm an anti-nester because I'm so obsessed with practicing/playing/performing on my bagpipes every spare moment. It's so odd how that obsession just melts away once I'm pregnant. It's happened with all three that I've had since being a piper :) I'm due in 5 1/2 weeks, and I have no idea what I can really do in the way of nesting since we're waiting on our orders to figure out when and where we're transferring - so basically it's just going to be craziness around here since my husband finishes up his course of study on my due date, meaning we'll be moving back to the US. Oh well, whatever! :)