Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The view from up here

It's no secret that I love pregnant bellies.
I love having one myself.  Which is a good thing since I've now spent roughly 347 weeks of my life pregnant.  Really.

So now that I'm approaching the tail end of this pregnancy and really starting to poke out more, I spend plenty of time enjoying the view from up here.

Aaron was trying to get things to balance on my belly the other day, but it doesn't quite stick out far enough on top to allow for that yet.  We did find that if we wait till the end of the night, I lean back to about a 45 degree angle and push out, I can get a donut to sit there without sliding off.

(No I did not eat it afterward.  Be proud of me.)

My favorite view of course is when my belly is jumping around as baby dances away.  But she's camera shy and will go from a full performance with wild belly waves to complete stillness within a half a second as soon as the camera comes out.  Not sure how she does it, but she knows every time.

Thankfully I can still see toes.

And thankfully I still have this view.

Charlotte was at preschool so the little boys and I took advantage of one of the beautiful sunny mornings we've been having and hit the road for a run.  I say "little", but Lincoln (5 1/2) is anything but that now as I was reminded while pushing him for 4 miles.  Finished that run feeling pretty tough!  And feeling thankful that the old body is holding up so well.



Kelsey said...

Love all the belly pix, the tiny little belly pix :)

Jane said...

Oh I love this! The view of your toes is so cute! It gives such a positive spin to it all. I love how you love your belly. I think I will do the same. :)