Friday, April 27, 2012

Conquering Zig Zag

I got a steal on some trail shoes.  A steal!  I've been debating them since last year, but knowing I'd need new road shoes before the end of my training cycle and paranoia about rolling an ankle or otherwise injuring myself by running on something other than a flat paved surface while training for St George kept me from pursuing it.  I did run trails a couple of times last Summer though, and loved it!  Especially the relay.
So when I stumbled on my favorite brand's trail shoe for less than 1/3 the regular cost, I had to jump on it.

Yesterday was the perfect opportunity to try them out.

Afternoons are starting to get pretty warm, which elicits a big huge "WooHoo!!" from me, but it doesn't make for optimal running conditions in my current state.  An overcast day yesterday brought the perfect temperature and an invitation to get out and soak it up.

Usually when I hit the trails by my house it is up the hill from me and looks like this:

Still slightly on edge from seeing a coyote up in there last time, and figuring it would be smartest for me to stay where I can easily be seen just in case my body flips out, I headed a different direction.
(yes I took my phone, told someone where I was going, how long to expect me to be gone...covering all my bases I promise)

I had my sights set somewhere else anyway.
The hill that has evaded me for over a year.
The hill that I brushed off last year with my excuses.
What was I thinking?
I assume part of it last year was that I would have been disappointed in myself if I couldn't actually run the whole thing, and currently I'm fine if walking is involved a little bit.

Not to mention that I needed some fresh air and some time to think, and then I needed to get out of my own head.
I needed a view.

So off I went.

It was slow.  And that was fine.  I would have hated to have rushed it because it was exactly what I needed.

Trail shoes: two thumbs up.  After I got over the fact they are a lot heavier than my normal road shoes.

Being ridiculous about never wanting to get new shoes dirty, it was fun to feel satisfied coming home with things things covered in dirt, and strip them off to see dirty socks as well.  
(Aaron-it was very dusty dirt)

Running on softer terrain: an adjustment I think the body appreciated.

This hill:


This doesn't give you a great view of the trail, but you can see it a little as it starts to cut up that front side along the rocky ridge in the middle.

And then as the road turns up....

These ones give a better idea of what you get once you are up off that base road:
Turn left....

Turn right...

....back and forth up the hill.

The view from the top over my little valley:

Even half way up the view was great:

I love where I live.

Body still cooperating for almost 6 miles of trails: Hallelujah.



Jane said...

Wow, what a gorgeous place to run! I want to run there! And I like your trail shoes too. Very fun!

Laurie said...

Wow, the trail is so different then my trails. Very beautiful though. Glad your body held up for you and you got to try out (and get dirty) your pretty new shoes.

~LL~ said...

OK.... so forgive me for being so thoroughly Texan in this comment.

A Ruger 380.... small and compact. It is what I carry. And, I even have the "Coyote Special." It is the pistol that Gov. Perry used to shoot a coyote (I pray you say it properly.... "KIGHYOTE").

Hopefully, the following will take you to a picture. If not... Google "Ruger 380 Coyote Special,r:2,s:0,i:73