Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fabulous Five

Yes, FIVE!  5.3 to be exact.

I didn't get to slip out as early as I had hoped this morning.  This cold is trying to wallop me so I opted for a little bit of sleep instead of an earlier run.  That meant waiting till nearly 10am when Sam was down for his nap before stepping out.

The timing worked out well, as I crossed paths with a friend not quite a mile in.  I haven't run with anyone for a long time, and for the most part I love being a solo runner, but it was sure fun to have a runner partner for a bit today!  I know I slowed her down, but I picked it up enough to maintain a faster pace for about two miles and still chat with her throughout that time.  She picked my brain for a minute about taking the leap and signing up for a marathon (YES!!!), she's totally ready so I hope she does!  We talked specifically about running a marathon in the first trimester of pregnancy since that's what she's hoping to do...something that worked well for me and has for many others, but is such a tough call.
She did get me all anxious to sign up for my next marathon.  I wish it could be later this year, but logistically that just doesn't work with life right now.  Next year for sure, along with plenty of other fun running related things.  (I hope)

Before I realized it I was 2.5+ out from home.  It was a day when I SO very much wish I could have just kept running.  But not having taken water and knowing my kids were planning on me being back well before an hour ticked by I figured I'd better turn around.

It was a treat to feel strong for a run that is a little longer than what my normal run has dwindled to.  And to do so without a bathroom break?  Woo-hoo!!  Thank you bladder!  I was looking back over my journal from my last pregnancy-last time I ran with Sam was 33wks and 1 day and it was only 2 miles.  To have logged 5 on the day I hit 33wks this time makes me very happy.  Hoping for at least a month more of good running.  Especially if I can continue to do so without wetting my pants.



Laurie said...

Glad you enjoyed your run. I love your last sentence. I definitely feel that any run I don't stop for a potty break or wet my pants is a great run. ha ha :)