Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Morning Therapy

Between school mornings, being tired, and the sun not coming up very early for the past few months, my morning runs have been few and far between.  I have gotten to the point of squeezing in miles wherever I can, which is usually in the afternoon right as kids are getting home from school but before Sam wakes from his afternoon nap.

Enter Spring Break.

Now that we have hit that wonderful time of year when it gets lighter earlier, mornings are an option again.

This morning I headed out for a quick run while kids were still sleeping.  Well, I did wake the oldest to give her undivided attention to Sam since he was already up.  And then I slipped away.

I told her I would be quick-my kids are getting old enough to have plans of their own now (when did this happen?!) and she wanted to head out on an early bike ride with a friend.  So I had to keep it short and sweet.  But the sweet part made up for the short part.

I have forgotten how much I love to run in the morning.  How much I love that little bit of a chill in the air and the fresh smell of the fields.  How much I love the stillness, broken only by the birds chirping or the occasional crow of a rooster.  (ok, and a couple of cars too-I choose to ignore that noise)
I love starting the day with the clear mind that running brings, with the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that lends to conquering the day ahead as a little bit better person.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a week full of early running.  And hopefully enough energy for a few more weeks after this one...