Friday, March 30, 2012


It's been forever since I posted anything about Hapari.  Goodness...months!
I do believe the last time it was mentioned was after the amazing trip to Florida back in December.

Since then the new 2012 line has launched, and yours truly has the privilege of being on their site.

Yes, it's still a thrill for this aging mom of a herd of kids.

Still keeping in touch with the fabulous Hapari people, and blessed with the opportunity to do local tv spots with them.  Still seems kind of surreal to go able to go have fun with these ladies!

It's a little strange to not worry about sucking in when on camera and instead work to push the belly out. I have to be honest-every time I'm with all of their cute models I miss my abs.  But-as cheesy as it sounds-I love that people get to see their suits on a pregnant belly.  I actually bought my first suit from them when I was pregnant, because I wanted something cute that I could wear for more than just a couple of months.  And considering how much fabric goes into most maternity suits, they always fit me a little weird, not to mention I get 2 months wear out of them at most.  With the cost of maternity suits, not worth it!  So I was beyond thrilled when I found cute tankinis, long enough to work with a pregnant belly, and flattering postpartum as well.
If I don't sound enough like an infomercial already, the fact that the suits I've worn while pregnant have retained their shape and looked fabulous after being worn with a belly just makes me love them that much more.
I do love too that my girls now have cute, functional, modest swimsuits.  Malia is built so differently from me (Alaina is like my little clone)-she is long and thin, and where I have a short torso, she has the opposite problem!  She is in that super body conscious stage right now, so I love that she doesn't worry about just playing and having fun in a swimsuit, unlike a lot of her friends who are tugging and pulling and trying to feel comfortable in a suit.

I swear I haven't been asked to say a single word about their suits, but I do love to share things that I love, and since I really do love their suits, I'm blabbing about them today.

With summer just around the corner, and warm enough weather that I've already soaked up some sun twice (in MARCH!!) this year, I thought I'd share my favorite suits.  You know, in case you're looking. (which if you haven't, you should!)
And when sales roll around, I'll let you know.  Because the only thing better than a product you love is a product you love that is on sale!

First, the allure suit (I'm wearing it above in Hibiscus dream), I had to snag this one in white.  Removable straps = no strappy tan lines!
(and seriously, Carla is the prettiest person ever!)

The cinch tankini-love the ruffle, and this thing pulls down into a dress.  So cute!  It's in a handful of prints, but I obviously love the coral.

I am madly in love with this style-the classic bandeau.  This may be the most flattering cut I've ever seen.  And I LOVE this print!  Can't wait to get this one!  Removable straps on this one too.

Again, the kona print.  Love the v-neck suits.  Love this print with both the turquoise and white bottoms.  Malia has the brown and white polka dot bottoms, which I think will look cute with it too!

And the classic bandeau again, in black, with the straps removed.  This suit truly is classic.  So flattering!

There you go.  Some inspiration to go pick a fabulous suit for this summer.

I got myself some of the tummy tuck bottoms that everyone raves about...looking forward to seeing how they live up to the hype this summer.  With baby due right when summer starts, I'm going to need all the help I can get in the muffin top department this year!  I've heard nothing but amazing things about them, can't wait to give them a try.