Monday, March 19, 2012


Nope, not some deep post about the meaning of life.
Not a rundown of how crazy life is.  Though it is.  But it is for everyone isn't it?
Not even a day in the life post, but I might do that again one day.  People seem to find those entertaining.

I was going to summarize the past 3wks, but I'm not going to do that now either.  While I do use this blog as a personal journal too, I'll keep all that stuff just saved as drafts because quite frankly, 90% of it isn't all that interesting!

So what is this post about?

The real reason I've not blogged for nearly a month.

I have pregnant brain.
I forgot my google password.

But now I remember it again!  well, at least I did when I signed in a minute ago.

Which is better than last week when I forgot my appleID password so I had to change it to get into that account.  Except when I went to reset it it wouldn't let me use what I wanted because  I have already used that password in the past year.  So apparently I *did* remember my password, just about 20 seconds too late.  So I reset it to something else.  Which I also promptly forgot.  Go figure.

At least I haven't forgotten any of my children.
Well, not for more than a couple of minutes anyway....


Laurie said...

ha ha, I love it. :) I forgot my car once with my first pregnancy. Drove to work (which was only a few blocks away) then walked home afterwards and thought someone stole our car because it wasn't outside our apartment. My husband laughed and laughed at me when I asked him where it was. :P

XLMIC said...

LOL! O my goodness! I've missed you so much!

~LL~ said...

Girl.... I hear ya. It has happened to me, but sadly, it wasn't pregnant brain. About 2 years ago, I couldn't use my debit card because I forgot my PIN. Something that I use/used daily. :-(

I finally had to go into the bank and have it recoded and assign a PIN. THEN, I had to tell hubby what it was, so if I forgot again, he would know. LOL!

Kristy Cefalo said...

I have to reset my AppleID pretty much every time I log in. I don't know what it is but I can't ever seem to remember it. At least you have and excuse :)