Monday, September 12, 2011

Abs-a year later and a challenge

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone all over the place.
As proven by this post.  Heck, one day I might even share the pictures that drove home the point that I really didn't want to be complacent about my body anymore.

But back to today's overshare!

Last year when August started I looked like this:

 When August ended, I looked like this:

Oh my word I can't believe I just went there.  That my friends is bravery!
Three weeks post baby eight.
(also please don't stop reading here and assume that it still looks like that.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  So if that offended you, stop being offended.  It's just me and my personal neuroses.)

And yes, I took that picture to motivate myself.

I continued to take them occasionally in the following months.  The plan was to take them regularly every couple of weeks so I could see the transformation over the nine months post-baby and so that I had the belly pictures from the nine months of pregnancy and the nine after.  Well, like too many a few random things in life, I totally slacked there.  I have pictures, just not taken regularly.

I do have these from September 

(I know this picture is out of focus but oh my heck look how tiny my little monkey baby was!!)

this one in October

And these ones in November

I hit nine months back in May, but don't have a picture that shows any of the abs other than the one here, which really doesn't show much.  (the skirt.  the shorts are not me.  dang.)

So to answer the million dollar question-what did the one year post baby eight abs look like?

(My skin is all blotchy because this was right after a long run)

That was the beginning of August.
And they actually looked much much better lying down.

(sorry world, it's true that I pull up my tankini top when sunbathing in my backyard!  And yes, that's really me despite the fact that I cropped out my face-reference the moles.  And trust me, I've spent more time in a dermatologist's office than I care to discuss-none of which was related to moles,they are all good-all due to the other garbage, for which tanning was actually prescribed.  go figure.  Wow, that was a long disclaimer.)

Anyway-still a work in progress.  I'd really like some definition.  Which is where the challenge comes in.  Jump on in if you'd like.
While I have access to an awesome instructor just down the street who facilitated a massive jump in the return to normal body after baby last fall-spring, between life, kids heading back to school (I'll maybe stop resenting that around, oh, April-Mayish) and marathon training mileage, classes just haven't been happening for me for a while.  I've been slacking and I'm feelin' it!  Since I haven't made it to class for MaryAnne to kick my heiney, I've resorted to good old Jillian.
I attempted Six Week Six Pack back in the Spring, but getting sick in week 3, followed by the two weeks it takes sickness to rotate itself through our entire family I just totally lost my mojo.  So I'm giving it another go.  I started on Monday the 22nd and am aiming for 5 days a week for next six weeks, the first three weeks at level one and the second three weeks at level two.  It actually works out perfectly time-wise, as the last day of my 6 weeks will be the day before my marathon.  That way if it gets super hot in St George this year and I finish in just a sports bra and my awesome running skirt (if it's as hot as last year, it could happen-you've been warned), I won't give a second thought to my abs. in theory.

Will Jillian give me "ripped, flat abs in 6 weeks"?  We'll see.

So far, halfway through, I have to admit that I'm impressed.

Not too shabby for three weeks!  I am definitely seeing more definition in my upper abs, maybe the second half will bring a little more in my lower abs.  Wouldn't that be nice.  It's encouraging to see the work-and cleaner eating-pay off!  The eating is the biggest challenge for me, as we all know I have a sweet tooth.  A whole mouth full of them really.  And a treat every day definitely keeps ripped abs at bay.

Today I start level two.  Hopefully it will be as rewarding as the first three weeks, if not more so.

 Anyone want to join in and keep me accountable?



XLMIC said...

You inspired me to start running. You inspired me to start blogging.

You just inspired me to get a 6-pack... ab-style... not heading out to the liquor store :P


Aaron said...

I started with her tonight.....I threw up.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.


The Balls said...

Catey....WHY?! You are SUPER WOMAN! How do you do it? WHY do you make me think "hmmm I should try a little harder." WHY does the phrase "I don't seem to find the time" prove it's absolute absurdity when I read your blog? And WHY are you one of my favorite people to whom I look up to so much! Seriously you AMAZE me and I love you to death!

Nice abs girl! Wish my post baby abs looked like that.

Kelsey said...

wow, you have some balls.....8 of em :) he he
you look great!

Ashley said...

I have been doing Jillian's 6 wk 6 pk since WE first started! LOVE both levels...the 2nd is A LOT harder, I think. I have def seen a difference in my abs, although I have thought the same thing...more on the upper abs, less on lower...weird?!?
Good work woman! :) you seriously rock!

Conservamom said...

You are my new hero! Definitely going to step it up with the running. I only have 3 kids and complain about post baby weight a year and half later. It can be done!! Awesome!

Heather said...

Good for you! You always amaze me. I need to commit to getting my abs back once the baby comes in February. I've been told about "Lose your Mummy Tummy" have you heard of that? There is a book as well as a DVD. But Jillian seems to be working great for you!

Colette said...

You are looking fantastic...there is no way that tummy looks like it has grown 8 babies!! Very well done! :)