Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dinner Conversation

I broke a cardinal rule last night and texted at the table.  Which really isn't a rule yet since only Aaron and I have phones, but one day someone else will have a phone so we've established that early.
We are family dinner sticklers.  It doesn't always work out perfectly, and I'm sure we'll face even more challenges as the kids get older and have more activities, but we are pretty darn close to family dinner together every night.  Of course this makes for some interesting conversations amongst the herd.

Sometimes Aaron and I take the lead and we talk about specific things, sometimes we just let conversation go and see where it ends up.  

But you see, I couldn't help breaking the rule.  The conversation was moving so fast and I knew if I got up to get a pen and paper that not only would I miss something, but everyone would realize I was taking notes.  Thus I texted myself notes.

Things that came up at dinner last night:
"i had a dream last night....."
kids in math class
Justin Bieber
boys wearing bras
horse farts
"please stop touching other people"
Pirates of The Caribbean
Mrs Abeyta
spicy breath
an old guy who acts like a teenage girl who is a 'dog person', top half human bottom half dog
naked ninjas    
"please sit forward in your seat"
hot sauce
gym clothes
cough medicine
wolf puke

I still think filming families eating dinner (without the kids knowing) would be an awesome tv show.


Aaron said...

That's what she said....

Ashley said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall at your house...hahaha!
Horse Farts and Naked Ninjas...ha!

I just put together Pictureka and Horse Farts...haha!...my kids love that one too!

Kerri said...

Wolf Puke... hmm.

Lisa said...

horse farts really tickled my funny bone

We are a stickler for family dinner too.