Friday, September 30, 2011

A week away

A last minute road trip.
A couple of states.
Friends, family.....and a whole lot of fun.

Currently I sit here in a funky little motel room while Sam naps and Aaron is at the pool with the kids.
In twelve hours I will be riding a bus to Central.
The start of my 26.2.

It is hotter than hot here in St George. It was 80 degrees when I went running at 9 this morning. It should be about 90 degrees when I cross the finish line tomorrow. Yowza.

I am excited. Strangely calm....maybe the nerves will kick in tomorrow. Maybe I'll just ride this high all the way through the marathon and avoid the nerves all together. Maybe I'll be a mess all night and all morning tomorrow. We'll see.

Either way, I feel about as ready for this as I've ever felt for anything. I suppose if I were chasing an illustrious goal I might worry more. I have a finish goal in mind, but I have a nice range of time that I'll be fine with. Maybe that's where the contentment comes from.

Fourteen hours till it's just me, my legs and the road.
(ok, and 7000 other runners, but who's counting?)
Can't wait!



Teamarcia said...

Ugh, sorry about the heat! But run your race and you'll be great. I'm so excited for you. Cannot to read all about it. Good luck, stay cool and have fun!

Becky said...

A full marathon sounds so overwhelming to me. You're amazing! I'm sticking with the halves for now. I can't wait to hear how everyone does. GOOD LUCK!

Handsfullmom said...

You're going to love it! I hope the heat isn't too bad.

Rheanna said...

Can't wait to hear how it all turns out! Good luck today!!!! You'll be awesome!

Sara said...

I like the way you say, "Aaron is at the pool with the kids" - as if there's only about 2 of them. No, 7. Insane!!!

Colette said...

Catey you will do just great. I guess as I write this you will probably be finished! I remember the very first full marathon I did..the Dublin one, and even though I did a reasonable time at 3hrs20mins I really thought I was going to die, the crowd cheering the end is just around the corner, that corner seemed another 26 miles away at the time!! lol Needless to say I loved the achievement of completing it and went on to take part in 2 more Dublin marathons, 2 London ones, 1 Belfast one and the pinnacle of the them all for me when I was doing athletics was the New York one...all fabulous experiences and my time improved after each one, last time I finished just over 2 and half hours!! I wish you all the best and most of all enjoy the experience...its amazing!! :) xx00xx

Aaron said...

Catey did great...nobody drowned while I was alone with seven so I am going to say I did great too.